Boris - No Confidence Vote Tonight

Started by Jacqueline, June 06, 2022, 10:09:14 AM

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Well they have achieved their 54 plus letters and Boris is facing a no confidence vote tonight. Any guesses will he be booted out or like the slippery customer he is will he hang on in there?

I hope he will stay, not because I think he is wonderful, I don't, I really can't think of anyone to replace him.  Will all this lead to Labour getting in at the next election? a strong possibility, then god help us all. 

There is just isn't a political party that I want nor trust, none of them care about the native British people (i.e. Linton on Ouse) who is standing up from them?  this my country, is a place I am becoming increasingly uncomfortable in.


Totally agree Jacq.
I like Boris, he's not perfect by any means but he's the best we've got AT THE MOMENT.  This is the wrong time to kick him out, the lefties are rubbing their hands with glee.


What will be will be.

Many think he is a lying toerag but kicking him out will lead to a Tory defeat at the next election.
Many think he is a lying toerag and keeping him on will lead to a Tory defeat at the next election. 

I doubt there are many that don't think he is a lying toerag.
I doubt that there are many that think there is zero chance that the once thought unassailable 80 majority may be overturned at the next election.

For my own part I think he will survive as most MPs will realise one or more of these (to my mind obvious) things..
  • There is nobody in the party of Prime Ministerial material.
  • It is rather too close to the next election for any new candidate to get established properly to lead the party into it.

I further imagine that any of the MPs who think they are in with a chance would rather let Boris crash and burn in the polls without being seen as an axe wielder or the leader who lost an election. They will have 4 or 5 years while labour further destroy the economy before they become PM themselves.


For once I'm keeping Stum on the subject.  :halo:  :halo:  :halo:


ok Raven, then i will speak out for the minorities...
There will be NO vote of no confidence because its like asking a Turkey if it thinks two xmas's is a good idea
a vote of no confidence would almost certainly lead to a general election, an election where 100 tory seats would be lost by voters not voting for liebour but voting against the tory party...
like most on here i recognise Boris for what he is, but who is slinking in the background?
perhaps the Scots guy who got caught disco  dancing perhaps ,or Liz no... MPs are mostly self serving ass-holes who will agree with every word Alex might say about the immigrants, but then dont we all, yet nothing is done other than sending even more money to France.... lets treat them as they are criminals, if you were caught on any MPs land you would certainly be prosecuted, get courts set up along the south coast and as the land prosecute them, give them a term in special prison followed by deportation back to the country they left... bloody simple.... do it Boris. you have the power.... use it or you will certainly lose it..


They (Tories) will be bloody foolish to let him go.. 
I reckon he will ride the storm.. 
He is the best they have and they know it..
Don't ask me.. I know nuffink..


I reckon we will be getting Starmer no matter what now. The biggest factor will be stuff outside of any governments control like worldwide energy and food price inflation but it is the government of the day that always gets it in the neck when the economy goes wrong. Partygate is the icing on the cake for Labour.


It may be a close-run thing but I feel he'll survive. I wish I thought he'd be a bit embarrassed but he doesn't seem to have that particular bone..



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I'll say it again,

(June 1st) ... I wouldn't be surprised if this master of mendacity and connivance hasn't orchestrated this symposium? He knows the thought of 'The Ginger Growler and her Mob' scares the daylights out of the Tory 'blue-rinse' brigade, let alone the sycophantic bunch of overpaid flunkeys he heads, scared stiff of losing their £85k salaries and exorbitant expenses.

He knows any attempt to get rid of him via his MP's would be doomed to failure, 'Turkeys don't vote for Xmas'. Thereafter, according to the 'Marquis of Queersberry' rules all they profess to follow, there can't be another leadership challenge for 12 months: in which time this master of smoke & mirrors will hope to have conned everyone all over again to his electoral invincibility.

In court he would have been termed 'an unreliable witness' another way of describing a conniver.

Of course the Machiavellian remoaners will be on board for this opportunity too. Boris though is in the very top drawer of liars and cheats. A sprat like Jeremy Hunt, the standby remoaner 'go to', is as a half-baked goblin at the feet of Satan by comparison
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Your reply was far more interesting to read than anything said or written by the press today..
At last someone telling it as I hope it is..
Don't ask me.. I know nuffink..


Yes, thanks Cassandra, very well put.


Just checked and the ballot is apparently open from 6pm to 8pm so I'd expect the result before 9pm.


I wondered if its real, Cassandra has described it perfectly.  Like zoony, I'd have liked Boris to feel a little embarrassment, but he's not shown any.

I don't believe he'll lose. 🤞🏼🤞🏼

June 06, 2022, 09:03:19 PM
Looks like he's lived to fight another day!
Its not how old you are, but how you are old. 💖


If Boris told me he was lying, I wouldn't believe him!
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