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Started by klondike, February 17, 2022, 08:23:11 AM

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Visit an online shop while logged in. eMail survey.
Buy something. eMail survey.
I went to the bank to pay in some cash the other day. eMail survey.

The one that annoys me most is Argos. Buy something there and you not only get asked for a review but customer questions about the product too. Not that bad? It is when they tell you you must turn off your ad blocker to answer their damned question. Last time I responded, some time ago now, I added a bit saying it was the last such question I'd answer until they stopped complaining about the ad blocker. I received an email rejecting my answer as it "failed to meet guidelines". I've just deleted all their junk since without looking.


I bought a couple of jumpers online from Bon Marche and received an email from them asking for reviews.  I started to fill one in and was told I had not put enough words in and then more problems.  Blow them, they can whistle for their reviews.

It's a bit sad really because I do look at reviews before I buy things.


Even Alexa will ask for reviews on past purchases.. Out of five.. I sometimes answer her..
Most things purchased ask for reviews.. Most I ignore..

Went into an eatery in York.. Three of us.. Not busy.. Service throughout was slow.. Asked for our bill..We waited and waited..No-one bothered to bring it to our table.. We walked out without paying.. Even stood outside for a while chatting.. Nothing..
We put a review on Trip Advisor..
'Terrible service.. Asked for bill.. Nobody bothered to present it.. Walked out without paying.'  No response whatsoever..

Don't ask me.. I know nuffink..


You've got to keep on the right side of Alexa Scrumpy as you never know when you will need her.  I don't mind just giving her a number when she asks for a review of something from Amazon.


Alexa and I have an understanding.. I talk.. she listens and obeys.. :grin:
Don't ask me.. I know nuffink..


I got a text yesterday asking me to do a text based feedback survey. Ten questions each one a separate text. Text charged at your provider's rate. Even though I have unlimited texts they can 'do one' cheeky buggers.
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never do other than ignore them
Thank you for the days, the days you gave me
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I do the Google option rewards surveys as you at least get a small amount credited to your Google play account. I occasionally pay for an app and have a sub on a detailed weather app which all get paid for by a couple of clicks.

There have been some very odd ones lately asking if you've used some odd sounding companies. All sound rather Chinese. when they first appeared they were paying anything up to 50p or more but they are down in the 10p class recently.


I usually delete these review requests too.  Selfish I suppose because I always read them before I buy anything. :smiley:


Just reminded me of one I must complete. While the pike fishing has been a failure there are hundreds of small roach in the marina and we both bought "comedy class" children's rod and reel combos for last week.

The reviews on Amazon fall into two distinct classes. The truthful ones saying the kit is junk but a surprising number where people are claiming to have caught some pretty big fish on them. Time for a bit of amusement when I get bored enough.