Driver & food shortages, ?

Started by alfred, February 02, 2022, 09:48:17 AM

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Not that long ago there were announcements that there was a lorry driver shortage  to which deliveries to supermarkets could be slowed down , and yet iv noticed in both Lidl and asda that this isn't the case ,

recently it seems that men retiring from the army many of who learning to drive heavy goods vehicles , which will help ease the deliver problems even though it will take a little while before we see the difference.

Q; have you noticed any differences in the way supermarkets are still getting deliveries into their supermarkets .


There are some items that can vanish for weeks on end at my Lidl.  I doubt it's a shortage of drivers though as other stuff is well stocked. I imagine it's problems with specific suppliers for some reason or other.

The DVLA are still all skiving working from home. I don't think my neighbour has had his HGV returned yet.  My daughter is having trouble getting a log book they failed to return months back. I expect she'll end up having to buy a replacement and she is miffed.

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I get home deliveries from Tesco. SO far, absolutely no problems - one item a few weeks ago (can't remember what it was) was substituted with something just as acceptable - and that's it
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 No problems down here.. No shortages that I can see.. and plenty of petrol..

Don't ask me.. I know nuffink..



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Funny how the shortage of HGV drivers just stopped, plus the forecasted food shortages, not forgetting empty petrol pumps   [2040]


Now with all the price hikes it won't matter if they haven't got what you want you wouldn't be able to afford it anyway.