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Started by Raven, May 10, 2024, 10:50:38 AM

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Do any of you have an area in your garden that you let go wild for the bees?
At the garden Centre yesterday I picked up some of the Throw n Sow wild flower seed packs, to help the bees ect.
There's a wee narrow boarder along one side of one of the lawns and it's really too narrow for anything. I keep seeing park areas ect that the Highland Council have let go wild, they look nice and very colourful so I thought...Why Not.


That's so pretty!  We only have a small garden and the borders are full of perennials, no room sadly.  You could post a picture once yours have bloomed.
Its not how old you are, but how you are old. 💖


I will do, but the seeds are still in the packets, got to prepare the ground first.


So many councils in this area plant wild seed gardens.. in parks .. roadside and roundabouts.. They look so beautiful..
I did try it once but very little showed through.. I guess the birds had a meal.. on me..
Don't ask me.. I know nuffink..


You can get rolls of seed and lay it on grass. At least that's what the council seemed to do on the approaches to Hunstanton. Looked good when it flowered.

I checked streetview and none of the dates caught it in flower. This strip in July shows it before it came into flower though


What a lovely variety of colours, Raven.  That looks so pretty.
Like GrannyMac said,  I too, only have a small garden so I haven't got enough room as it is.

I have more and more stuff in pots and tubs now because I haven't any more room in the beds and borders.   
It is hard work in the winter when all the pots have to be bubble-wrapped,  then having to refresh the compost in the spring.

I do get lots of Bees, Butterflies and Ladybirds though,  so I must be doing something right. :smiley:


Well I got the bit weeded, tomorrow I'll soak it then scatter the seeds in, put a shallow layer of new compost on top and hope for the best. 🤞
Our garden is too big now, 3 big lawns, 2 big plant beds and the wee side bit. That's only the back bit, it was fine when I was fit and healthy but it's a struggle now.


Our council did the 'no mow' and it was dangerous.  There is a busy junction near us and the grass grew so high that we couldn't see if there was a car coming.


Seems they chose the wrong place Sheila, but that's Council's for you. Ours is in areas in Parks and up the river walks.


There are quite a few smallish roundabouts in these parts with bushes in the middle high enough to make cars coming round invisible til they are quite close. I'm not sure if this is some deliberate ploy to calm traffic. If it is it is one that fails because those roundabouts just seem to me to be dangerous.


Yes that's another daft place to use.


Our Council is looking at no mow options. I just think that they are avoiding work.
The problem with being retired is that you never get a day off