Maybe go fishing again soon...

Started by klondike, January 20, 2022, 07:24:44 PM

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Anaconda, South America thank god..... they have big Boa Constrictors in India, i now need to check out

Michael Rolls

Thank you for the days, the days you gave me
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I came across that when I was looking to see if there was anything more about "vibration therapy" other than the joke picture I received.


Quote from: crabbyob on January 20, 2022, 07:30:53 PM
Anaconda, South America thank god..... they have big Boa Constrictors in India, i now need to check out

I was happily swimming in the hotel pool in Sri Lanka and a man came and spoke to me 'Do you know that there are two snakes in the pool?'  I thought I was the only one in the pool but I got out very quickly!


i think water snakes are very poisonous


Nothing more poisonous than a trouser-snake.. Right ladies?



Actually I'd considered the same comment and didn't dare  :grin:


some gentlemen will only go 'so low'
mind you i was a miner, thirty odd years ago.... me and my bully boys... [2090]


There is some suggestion that we should maybe be digging our own coal again rather than importing. Still got yer 'at crabbyob?  :wink:


no mate i was that shocked at the manner of my 'release' i never reopened my locker...


Is it feasible on a technical level? My BiL now sadly gone always reckoned that once a pit was shut down it would quickly flood making reopening the old shaft a bit of a bugger.

Mind you he ran his own cleaning business and before that was a greengrocer so may not have had all the facts  :smiley:


no i dont doubt its as he stated, but pumping it out is a certain possibility, they wouldnt be using the same workings as before and could drive several roads past the previous workings and fill the old roads with a non flamable foam... i have mentioned before there is a coal seam twelve foot thick from Doncaster to the north sea and wont stop there.
i doubt manpower will be a problem, as automation will have advanced tremendously in that industry.
when i started in the industry, ex-army, i had to do about three months training, two thirds of which was about handling then in later years i was sent to the training school to help train the lads joining the industry and was quite surprised at how much traing had changed....
but if they did decide to reopen, they might only need two mines that would supply all the countries coal needs... but sadly our coal is way too good for power stations to burn so must remain a hidden reserve...