Started by Raven, November 13, 2023, 10:07:45 PM

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What are you starting to like less and less as you get older?
Me...several things.

Too many entitled people.
Our government pandering to migrants.
So much disrespect and bad manners.

To name a few.


Our government pandering to migrants deffo first on my list
Standard of driving on our roads has declined
The amount of mother and children parking spaces !
Lack of respect for our traditions and values
The widening of the gap between the haves and have nots

Will that do for starters ?   :grin:  :grin:


I guess that we are all hating the same thing our parents probably did - change. That said i think the rate of change that we are witnessing is a lot greater than our parents saw.

Technology is advancing at an exponential rate for one thing and society is changing rapidly too. Not for the better IMO but I would say that of course.

Michael Rolls

Conservatives that aren't
The Scottish Greens
Lack of respect in schools
Too many migrants
Police not upholding the law impartially
Useless successive governments
Etc.,  etc..
Thank you for the days, the days you gave me
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Brazen shoplifters
Rubbish policing 
Snooty people 
People with many children who are unable to support them.
Lack of confidence
Don't ask me.. I know nuffink..


We are not only the health service to the world but also the education service.


All of the above, plus loss of road lanes to accommodate cyclists.  Specifically where it makes it impossible to park even for a few minutes to nip into a shop or drop an elderly/frail friend/relative off.


Loss of pavements to bloody electric scooters is annoying too. 


Cyclists wearing dark clothes and not having any lights.  Especially when they've also go a child carrier attached.


Well I agree with all of the above.
Does anyone actually think that the powers that be will change any of them?
A missionary from Yorkshire to the primitive people of Lancashire



The above resonates! 

I'd add people with no work ethic
Absent parents who don't support their children (mainly men sadly)
Reductions in vital bus services

Its not how old you are, but how you are old. 💖


Deffo Chuggers.

Also beggars, especially when they're holding expensive i-phones and smoking ciggies.


Just one thing, though.
What are Chuggers?
(They sound a bit like steam trains.)
A missionary from Yorkshire to the primitive people of Lancashire


I googled it JB.  It's people who accost you to ask you to sign up for charitable donations.