But will it make a ha'porth of difference?

Started by klondike, July 18, 2023, 08:34:59 AM

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Rishi Sunak crushes rebels to win every single migrant bill vote after hours of wrangling

The Government has emerged unscathed after hours of parliamentary wrangling eventually saw it emerge successful in both the Commons and the Lords, despite the efforts of opponents to frustrate the passage of the Illegal Migration Bill.

The Government's flagship Illegal Migration Bill is finally heading for the statute books after hours of voting in both the House of Commons and Lords saw Rishi Sunak win every single vote.

The Bill spent yesterday afternoon in the House of Commons, with MPs spending 90 minutes trudging through the voting lobbies in order to reject nine major Lords amendments.

The Government argued the Upper Chamber's attempted changes to the Bill would have undermined its effectiveness, and many were not relevant or needed.

MPs rejected the Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby's - a strident critic of the Bill - demand for a 10-year strategy to be drawn up for collaborating internationally on refugees and human trafficking.

Among other Lords amendments voted down by MPs were topics such as abiding by international treaties, protections for child migrants and protection for LGBT migrants.


Despite the millions spent already and all the song and dance I seriously doubt that any asylum seekers will be heading for Rwanda or certainly not enough to stem the tide.

How come France lets them rot in tarpaulin cities yet we put them up in hotels and give them money? Leave them on the streets with constant police harassment. That may stand a chance but too many would slink into the black economy and criminality then I suppose.


Leave them on the streets with constant police harassment ..!!

In time they would control/rule our streets.. They have little fear of our police.. or the people..
 We should stop going to their aid when they are struggling to cross the channel.. We should block them .. at sea..  Once we allow them to land on our shores.. we have lost the battle..
Don't ask me.. I know nuffink..


It's all for show, "to be seen to be doing something"
The barge is another example, 500 men will be housed, so that's one days arrivals sorted.
I don't think leaving them on the streets would work, because firstly we don't have enough police officers, and secondly can you imagine our 'cup of tea' officers coping ?  I can't.
I've seen the French police in action and they don't mess about.


So what it comes down to is we are doomed. Too many bleeding hearts, useless politicians and useless police.


500 to a barge..  with swimming pool !!!.. What a joke.. Still costing us a bomb to feed , give medical check-ups, and phones.. 
 That is ONE day taken care of.. what about the other 364 days. !!
Most of those in parliament can afford to up and move (where ever)..
Unfortunately we have no choice... 
It makes one wonder if those that run the country actually care about the country..
Don't ask me.. I know nuffink..


Quote from: klondike on July 18, 2023, 11:25:28 AMSo what it comes down to is we are doomed. Too many bleeding hearts, useless politicians and useless police.

Pretty much, yes. :boo: 


Been a good week

Small boats data
This page shows figures for the last 7 days for irregular migrants detected crossing the English Channel in small boats without permission to enter the UK.

Date Migrants detected Boats detected Boats involved in uncontrolled landings Notes
12 July 2023 0 0 0
13 July 2023 0 0 0
14 July 2023 56 1 0
15 July 2023 0 0 0
16 July 2023 0 0 0
17 July 2023 0 0 0
18 July 2023 0 0 0

Wait til the weather changes. Looks like the wind is low today. Maybe that last number will change. Not sure why it is there yet TBH.


Is there an extra zero in there ? If not, 14th of July was a wowzer!   :wtf:
Its not how old you are, but how you are old. 💖


56 migrants 1 boat 0 detected landings on beaches


56 in one boat !!!  they're deffo getting bigger.


Quote from: Scrumpy on July 18, 2023, 11:36:21 AMIt makes one wonder if those that run the country actually care about the country..
They don't.


That government migrants page is still showing 0 for yesterday when there was about a barge full turned up.

Still low wind so probably another barge full arriving today. Have they got another barge?


How can the government possibly claim that there are ZERO immigrant arrivals in this country, day by day.

Yesterday evening, I watched a video report on GB News showing two Border Farce taxi-vessels arriving, one immediately following the other, each crammed to the gunwales with invaders.

Reported as nearly 500 arrivals yesterday, and probably the same tomorrow, and our wonderful government have paid millions for a special barge to accommodate these people - to a number of 500.

We're going to need a new barge every day!  🙄
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I think it's just a glitch with their stats which will be corrected. It was showing 18th in the morning yesterday. The old COVID stats used to have glitches.i reported it as a problem through their reporting system.

In fact I see it has been fixed now. I doubt it was my report though.

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