Turning off the Phone Alerts.

Started by Raven, April 21, 2023, 07:33:25 PM

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This may be of some interest, if you don't want the alerts on your phone, and or tablet.


I want to hear the test one just to see how annoying it is before I turn them off. I'm 99% sure that it will only be phones and tablets with SIM cards. If I had one of those I'd be interested to know if it worked when it was on WiFi.

It's a pretty pointless thing IMO. With 24x7 news and social media the public probably know before they can organise sending out an alert anyway. I certainly don't want unsolicited advice from HMG on anything at all.


It will only affect the most recent versions of IOS and ANDROID and only if your device has a SIM card in it as it's sent from the cell to which your device is paired. It's not dependent on 5G. Hope this helps.

If your settings do not mention emergency alerts then they don't work on your system because it won't have the software to decode them and make the noise.



How have we ever managed without these alerts all these years?
This is a vital test to gauge how smart-phone-dependent we have become as a society. It may be more prevalent than we realise.

If you know someone who is smart phone dependent please warn them that the thing you are carrying there will one day enslave you.


I suppose the system was originally designed for Americans. They have regular emergencies like tornados  hurricanes and loons with assault rifles it must be handy to know about.


I can't argue with that but I wonder if it is practical to use them in Britain for minor terrorist alerts etc. They are no/little use for floods, road accidents etc.



Me neither , not a peep.... 
but then I'm on 4G but haven't got a smart phone.
So if aliens land or Putin sends a missile I will never know. 


Nor did I. Can understand on our little non smart phone, but the smartarse one didn't bleep, maybe one of my kids turned  off notifications when they last fiddled with it for me, as I don't have a clue


Someone has posted elsewhere on another forum that even though they switched their smartphone off .... the moment they switched it back on the siren still sounded.


I had turned the alerts off on my phone and nothing came through. My tablet is old and isn't able to receive them, so peace and quiet for me.


Ours didn't receive the Emergency Alert as I deactivated it the same day that the test was mentioned on the news.

I did leave the phone switched on to check that the system was blocked.
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I received it. I will probably leave it turned on as it wasn't particularly annoying. If they do decide to use it for some reason that isn't an immediate threat to me I'll turn them off. If they are keeping themselves amused with crap like this they aren't dreaming something worse up.


We get them over here, according to 'State Law'. They're sometimes used for instances such as criminals, escaping the pens', or if a child is missing, a number plate connected to a serious crime needs distributing (not car theft) etc.

I've received one in just over a year. However I suspect the UK Govt having blown £27b on "track and trace"  want to know where everyone is and to track citizens movements etc for future lockdowns. In that way they can transfer this huge mistake from the trading profit and loss account to the balance sheet as a capital asset, so they can print more funny money against !

Altruistic intentions are just cynical excuses to fix the books, whilst at the same time berating  'The Krankies' for similar 'creative accounting'.

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