Siren Alerts Coming to Your Phone.

Started by Raven, March 19, 2023, 09:38:31 AM

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These alerts are a test (this time) so don't have a heart attack when/if yours starts wailing like an emergency vehicle. Not a bad thing, in fact, could save your life, didn't know other countries already used this warning.

BBC News - Public emergency alerts to be sent to all UK mobile phones


It's been used in some other countries for years.

In the USA they have missing children alerts.

I won't receive any alerts as I've disabled the function on my phone.
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And if you are driving at the time it would be an offence to read it.


Interesting.. Have sent copies to my family.. 
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I have a habit of leaving my phone around the house and don't always hear it.

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Quote from: klondike on March 19, 2023, 11:21:55 AMI have a habit of leaving my phone around the house and don't always hear it.
Me too, even though it isn't set to silent. I suppose it depends how loud the alarm is
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Interestingly, I leave my phone set to silent (unless Marge is away), but the report says that despite that the sound would come through even though the phone has sound turned off.  I wonder how they manage to do that.
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Big Brother has ways we can only wonder at.  :hmm: