Started by Michael Rolls, March 05, 2023, 09:51:33 AM

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Michael Rolls

anyone ever heard of it/tried it? The claimed weight loss results are very impressive
Thank you for the days, the days you gave me
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It still won't beat eating less.
Make every day count, each day is precious.
"Death leaves a heartache no one can heal, love leaves a memory no one can steal".  (Cassandra)
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Michael, I just did a quick google and think I will stick with walking and sensible eating (although I do stray in the evenings sometimes).

We have just been on a lovely walk around a park on the banks of the Mersey.  It's only about 45 minutes but we do it regularly.


I'm willing to try anything to get back to my pre 'kneebuggared' days, but reluctant to pay £45 for a pot  :yay:

Michael Rolls

my take is - if something seems too good to be true... but I may give it a go. Jury still out
Thank you for the days, the days you gave me
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There is always something new out there that you can take to obtain weight loss..
 The cheapest is less food intake.. healthy foods.. a bit of walking.. 
 When all else fails.. use elastic.. it's a marvelous invention.. ..
Don't ask me.. I know nuffink..