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Started by Raven, December 15, 2022, 09:58:44 PM

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We rescanned our main TV this evening as we occasionally do. Freeview is great at shifting things around and I wanted it set right for Christmas.
I have lost 3 of the main channels that we watch, Pick, 4Extra,and Great.
No's 31, 36, 50. Does anyone know if this freezing weather would stop them coming in? They are coming into a Freeview recording box.


As you say they are the main channels you watch they were probably there before you retuned so it was that which lost them. Looking at the transmitter maps I'm assuming you must be on the Rumster Forest transmitter which is supposed to carry the full Freeview channel selection. Each of those is on a different Mux according to so if they are missing then lots more should be too.

I'd suggest that you give it another try and take careful note if you get offered any choices - if by chance conditions are letting you pick up a relay transmitter they often don't carry a full range of channels.


Thanks Klondike, I removed the box and put the old one back, just to test the newer box is not at fault. Got one of the channels back (31) and the others are saying bad or no signal. So I'm guessing it's the weather stopping them from coming in. :sob: :cry:


The cold won't stop the signals. The usual weather problem with UHF TV is that high pressure can allow ones from much farther away to come in strong and receiving two different signals on the same frequency mucks up digital. If you ever saw it the old analogue TV would occasionally show both pictures  together. Although current UK air pressure is quite high right now I don't think it is high enough to mess with TV.

Is the TV aerial covered in ice or come to that still up? 


Ariel is still there OK, but there is snow on it.


Unlikely to be the cause but it won't help matters for sure. You'll just have to wait.  You'll probably need to retune it of course too for it to start working again.


Yep, nothing else for it. I'm so mad at myself for retuning the box as I did have all the channels, just that some were getting a bit jumpy.


The Freeview box should show you the signal strength & quality of the digital data steam for each channel.

A strong signal doesn't mean a good data stream.

I agree with klondike that's it's most likely a transmission issue that will have to sort itself out.

While the box will still show an existing tuned weak channel, even with a poor data stream, it often won't install it when re-tuned until it's of sufficient quality.
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