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Started by klondike, September 17, 2022, 11:43:30 AM

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If you live in a country that was a British colony until relatively recently, what do you think the UK should do to recompense the impact of colonialism of the British empire?

Well I live in a Country that was colonised by the **ing Normans and we've been waiting nearly 1,000 years for some recompense. Mind you that's nothing compared to the 2,000 years we've been hanging on for compensation from the Damn Romans. We never heard anything from the Vikings, Danes, Jutes, Saxons, or any of those sods with the horns on their helmets and their flash longships either, they Just arrive up the river, bit of rape and pillage and off they go again.

So in the end we sort of decided that instead of blaming everyone else for all the ills of the Country we'd better just go ahead and look forward not backward. Worked out OK for our little island, why don't you try it ?

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If any of them want reparations they should give back anything we left them with.


Quote from: Ashy on September 17, 2022, 05:15:54 PMIf any of them want reparations they should give back anything we left them with.

I agree.
On that basis, we own half of America!
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And will the people of Baltimore, Ireland, expect some dosh?

Sack of Baltimore - Wikipedia
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What a carry on.. Everyone is looking for compensation.. I blame them damned American lawyers.. When we tripped and grazed ourselves we got back up and 'Got on with it'..
Now everyone wants compensation for being 'hurt'.. Move on..
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