Brexit to blame for climate change

Started by klondike, August 19, 2022, 09:10:06 AM

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Or so it would seem the BBC think.

BBC Dismayed by Brexit Blow to 'Eat the Bugs' Agenda

The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) has expressed dismay that Brexit has temporarily delayed efforts to normalise the consumption of bugs to achieve "net zero".
The state-owned news organisation, funded by a compulsory licence fee which all television viewers and all consumers of BBC iPlayer content online must pay on pain of fines backed by imprisonment, noted that the sale of edible insects in Great Britain became illegal after the end of the so-called Brexit transition period — although not in Northern Ireland, which was surrendered to the European Union as a kind of customs and regulatory semi-colony — in a short video report focused on two so-called "insect farmers" with a clear commercial interest in the "eat the bugs" agenda.
The BBC described bugs as "superfood" that "release far lower CO2 emissions than livestock farming", with their two insect farmers also focusing on their potential contribution to achieving the 'Net Zero' ambitions of outgoing prime minister Boris Johnson and globalist institutions such as Klaus Schwab's World Economic Forum (WEF).

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Michael Rolls

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Good piccy they came up with  :grin:

I suspect they'd probably end up as a powdered protein in fact. 


Don't ask me.. I know nuffink..


I find it frightening that this is being pushed upon us.  In Ireland they are offering farmers over £4000 per cow to  to cull them, the problem with farmers in Holland is much the same, what is going on? I expect them at the top will want us culled next, I bet it's on their agenda.

Jewish people are actually forbidden to eat insects, it 'ant Kosha, I would rather starve to death than eat them.


They're offering the farmers money to kill the livestock and leave their land, so they can build more bloody houses  !!!


The councils have been sniffing around the farms up here, there is 5 miles of open farmland between Thurso and our village. They would love to get their paws on it and build over the lot.