A personal critique of BJ

Started by Michael Rolls, July 07, 2022, 12:55:17 PM

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Michael Rolls

Back when Gove stabbed him in the back, leaving us with the wretched TM as premier, and looking at his time - against all the foreign odds - as London Mayor, I was an avid believer in BJ. Sadly, in his time in office, that belief has been grossly eroded, as he has revealed himself as totally out of touch of core Conservatism, and an unprincipled dissemble and liar.
Thank you for the days, the days you gave me
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On Twitter there are lots of posts saying John Major wants to stop membership from voting for new leader, also BBC have reported sources in the Tory Party say membership are demanding Boris Johnson automatically added to final leadership ballot as a third option to grant a CONFIRMATORY vote.

A greater than 1/3 of the ballot required for Boris to stay, if not final two run off.  I know Twatter is full of **** but it's sometimes interesting reading !  :grin: 


Personally I don't want a PM who's squeaky clean & doesn't tell any fibs, I'd have voted for the Krays if they seemed to be the ones that would get things done.
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He is an accomplished achiever in literature and charisma, a non exclusive suite of qualities. Unique in politico's, within remembrance within my lifetime.

Churchill who also attracted insectual foes, had both better opportunities and greater focus on priority. Both were and are intellectual megalomaniacs. The difference was that Churchill thoughtfully delegated, listened to counter argument and by deploying that value triumphed. Boris just 'buggered on', talking up decisions he never made, truly his nemesis.

Both needed love and were denied, initially by parental wealth and consequential denial of affection. For Boris This developed into a void of non-consideration for lesser beings, whilst ambivalently seeking subconsciously their adoration.  Boris had the World at his fingertips, but listened to the wrong people.

Dominic Cummings should have been acknowledged and retained in the background, whilst his opinionated, pushy, low browed wife never married in the first place. She owns so much of the blame! Winston fortunately for the World retained Clementine, Boris found Carrie. His nemesis will probably throughout his life, wear skirts as trousers.

History will judge him as one of the best remunerated successful failures in English History.
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Michael Rolls

Love your fianl sentence - all in a nutshell!
Mike  :upvote:  :upvote:  :upvote:
Thank you for the days, the days you gave me
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Flying Bomb

The World is certainly a greyer place now he's gone. 
One day, the UK may regret the day of the knives.