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Started by alfred, January 02, 2022, 09:47:12 AM

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Like many of you i too enjoy looking at old pictures and wonder who is that person, or that couple , it seems many of us myself included don't write on the back of the photo as to who is who and if not then the mystery begins ,
as we rely on relations, or friends who knew some thing of the family ,

for those who are considerate and write helps for many of us to name who is who and what the taken photo is all about,
I'm sure many people most likely have a box full , and wish some one had filled in the back with useful family information,

even on ancestry when looking for photos i find the same happening there seeing people in photographs with almost little or no information,

Q; when your looking at photos do you wonder just who they are , ??

Michael Rolls

Very often - and all too often the only person/s likely to know are sadly long gone
Thank you for the days, the days you gave me
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Yep. I've got a small suitcase full of photos some certainly Victorian and possibly even early Victorian. I can still recognise some of the faces from when I was a  child and saw them in maybe those same photos and was told but many I can't. I doubt I'll take the time to mark those I do so when I go there will be even less of them known.

Apart from the photos there are so many things I wish I had asked parents and grandparents but didn't. Somehow although you do know they won't be around forever it never really sinks in til they aren't.


On the back of old photographs, I have written the names in pencil. 

One that amuses me is of Paul and me all dressed up at a ball.  It was taken a very long time ago and when my grandson saw it he assured me with great certainty that it was not me in the photo.


 :grin: Oh to be young again...


I wished I had asked my mum who my dad was..
I knew I was the 'odd' one out of me and my two sisters.. I knew there were whispers.. but being young I was too busy playing in the street and as I got older too busy dancing..
As the years went on I cared not who he was because I loved my mum.. But..
Don't ask me.. I know nuffink..


After mum passed on I had to clear her house, I came across this big box of old photos that I'd never seen. :shocked:
I recognized many of the older people back to my great Grandparents on my mums side, but there were a lot I've no idea who they are. Some had very faded writing on the back and it was almost impossible to make it out. I know a lot of them are family because we all look very alike.  :cool: