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Started by alfred, June 12, 2022, 08:29:47 AM

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Having recently read of paramedics leaving the system in droves as a result of ambulance call out have doubled, so it looks like in a few years time people might  have to have private medical health insurance as the N.H.S is almost at breaking point with fewer doctors. nurses, and now paramedics, so the future isn't looking that rosy anymore and any one requiring help will have to be paid by insurance instead,

Do you think the N.H.S will last very much more as the system is and has got over loaded as more time waiting around in hospitals are getting longer still some people having to wait almost twelve hours before being seen,

Q; what thoughts have you regarding the N.H.S can you see it surviving,???


I think it will have to survive although I agree that it is very much broken. 

It's good to moan.


We will become like America... no insurance .. no treatment..
Except for some..
I would pay to insure that I was treated for any health problems..
But PRIVATE insurance at the moment is far too expensive.. If everyone had medical health cover the price would drop..
Don't ask me.. I know nuffink..


It's like Pet Insurance, starts off very reasonable when the pet is young, but price goes up every year as the pet ages. I stopped it as by the time Dageus hit ten they wanted over forty quid a month. I said No.
I believe health insurance for people is run along the same lines.


Boiler insurance is another one. First year £12 a month. Next year  :yell: Then once it is old enough to go badly wrong cover gets cut back. Better to bank the premiums and take your chances imo.

It's good to moan.

Michael Rolls

I used to have BUPA but dropped it when I turned 60 as the cast became prohibitive.
The NHS really, really needs a root and branch overhaul and given the current inadequacies, the backlog from COVID and the aging population, I just do not see how the present funding model can be maintained, but it is such a sacred cow that no politician dare look at realistic alternatives - but unless they do, then the service will continue to deteriorate.
Thank you for the days, the days you gave me
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Don't ask me.. I know nuffink..


People were even criticised for not clapping the NHS not so long ago, remember that ? Sacred cow it is not, but no party has the guts to make changes.