Started by alfred, May 29, 2022, 09:31:08 AM

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Yes i like the look of the new look forum design,  and no doubt a lot of thought has gone into the layout which makes it   attractive to the eye, 
so yes the new look is like a breath of fresh air bright bubbling and easy to use 
so well done klondike , 


I agree Alfred.. It's good to have a change.. I like it too..
Don't ask me.. I know nuffink..


I'm sure it won't take folks long to find their way around any more than it did with the original.

Having a bit of curiosity and investigating the many options in the user profile may reveal some gems just as it would have on the old one if explored.

I find using it on this tablet and my phone easier than the old one was. That's the area the developers seem to have concentrated on. Doubtless to cater for the way the younger generations use the internet these days and Google encourages by penalising rankings for failings.


You may be surprised to learn that I am not technically minded (!) but I like the new site too. 



Why does every single comment have to be on that list? you haver to go into the various headings to find posts, most annoying, don't like it one bit.

Michael Rolls

I just hit the button for unread posts do the same on PF
Thank you for the days, the days you gave me
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I agree with Jacquline about showing every reply on the list..
But everything else is just fine..
Don't ask me.. I know nuffink..


Quote from: Jacqueline on May 29, 2022, 10:30:38 AMWhy does every single comment have to be on that list? you haver to go into the various headings to find posts, most annoying, don't like it one bit.
I assume you mean the Recent Posts list. The Updated Posts list on the earlier forum was actually a mod applied to the basic forum code. Obviously the developers liked the idea and included it in the base code but presented it as recent posts instead.

I have never used either list here but on the occasions I visit PF where I have no login and can't use the Unread Posts link which IMO at least is far better I do use the Updated Posts list.

The Updated Topics link (top right just under the header when you are logged in) should offer what you want but I recommend using Unread Posts instead altough it may misbehave initially as  the cookie format which drives it changed between releases so any old ones on your machine will just take you to the first post in the topic not to where you stopped reading it.


I put what I thought was the "new" forum in my favourites, although I know it's not new as such, anyway I thought it's been very quiet on here ....... :grin:  :grin:  no idea what I did, so I've Googled Friendly Pensioner Forum, found you again and logged in.  This time it's up to date and you haven't all been quiet at all -  :grin:  :grin:


You weren't alone. I just put that one up as a demo to try out.

I put up a post saying it was just a demo after that happened but I obviously neglected to put in a link.

I could retire that demo and put up a page and a link to here. My only worry then is that favourites links won't get updated and when I take the Pi down folks won't realise what the problem is and be lost that way.

Good job you remembered a working search. Pensioners chat forum also worked for me when I checked and we came second. I though Flloyd was ingenious when he found us by just putting a few of out userids into a search.


I had put in a link after all. I've added another link and another post saying the same and altered the logo with a big red DEMO


Incidentally the rather unhelpful "Info centre" containing Recent posts can just be hidden so it doesn't clutter the display by clicking the up arrow button on the right. Clicking the down arrow that reveals will show it again. The same option is there on PF too but it is + or - buttons instead of arrows. I only just noticed this but will run that way in future. It seems the setting must be stored in a cookie as it persists across sessions.