Iceland Stores Money Off.

Started by Raven, May 20, 2022, 11:05:22 AM

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There are a couple reasonably near to me but I have only very rarely been in one. Might be worth a look.


I buy bags of frozen sliced mixed peppers from there, very hand for stir fries, I think they're only £1 a bag.  The Harry Ramsden fish is £5 for two large pieces of cod or haddock so I guess it all adds up. :upvote:


No Iceland round here, that's a shame.


There's not one up here either, but if it's still going when I next go back to Perth, I'll fill the freezer. I used to use Iceland a lot when I lived there all the time.


I see that Asda is offering 10% off for blue light card holders.  Paul has a forces card which is similar but I don't think it will get the Asda discount.  It gets us some money off food at the pub though!



Our friends have one.  They are both retired nurses. 

I think they get better discounts than the forces one.