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Started by hugh, May 04, 2022, 07:10:23 PM

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On Tuesday while playing golf I watched my ball drop into the hole. Most golfer would have been thrilled to bits with an hole in one not me. Buying a large round of drinks for every one seemed like a night mare which I couldn't afford. The news soon got round I wasn't buying. I may not be popular but I have saved £ ??? 
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You'll probably have a new nickname in the club bar now Hugh :grin: :grin: :grin:


And well-deserved it'll be.. But if you're happy with it... Something tells me that it's a decision you'll soon regret..


What am I missing here  :hmm: Hugh gets a hole in one, so why should he have to buy everyone a drink? Seems to me it should be others buying him a drink as a congratulations.


It doesn't work like that. Tradition.


That tradition is enough to stop you aiming for a hole in one.  :boo:


Probably a once in a lifetime thing anyway


I heard Donald Trump claim to've made "40 or 50" in his life's playing, which he thought was about right for a proficient golfer..Not so common or not so rare? Mind you, I guess the bar bill wouldn't be a problem for him.  :wink:  It's a brave man who bucks tradition and golfers have long memories. Just sayin'.. :grin:


I guess with an easy par 3, a competent golfer and a lashing of luck it will happen.

Odds are 1:12500 according to this

I suspect the same method for coming up with that is used for judging the crosswind and involves a licked finger though.

I don't play golf but I think in the event I'd curse inwardly, put on a big cheesy grin and flash the plastic.


I found out this morning the last member to get an hole in one, also bucked the tradition. It seems most members understand pensioners are going through hard times and cannot buy large rounds of drinks for every one. Two of us now bucked the tradition takes the worry off other getting an hole in one. The group I was playing with I did offer to buy them a drink but they all refused.

Where I got my hole in one was a short one, at 120 yards. Not an easy one, landing the ball on the green, it will bounce to the right into a bunker. I always aim to land the ball to the left, and allow it to roll onto the green. That parts skill, rolling into the hole no skill involve.

This morning I purchased two items which a few weeks back cost £2 this morning £2.79.
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Many congrats on the hole in one. Usually described as 90% luck, 10% good fortune.

I would not worry about the drinks, nobody has the right to criticise. A friend of mine had one and asked  the barman if he  could buy a bottle of Scotch to give everyone a tipple. Yes , sir, that will be 36 times £3, £108 please..............he  declined and we bought our own drinks.
The problem with being retired is that you never get a day off


Well done Hugh..  :clap:
Times are different now.. Not all members of a golf club can afford to buy drinks for all..
Offering the people you played with sounds good to me..
Don't ask me.. I know nuffink..


Thankyou Scrumpy most pensioners have to take care money wise. Just buying drinks for the group you are with, will now become norm at the club I expect.

This was my second hole in one but not at my present club. My first was hitting the ball blind over bushes, and no view of the green or flag. A spotter made it valid.  Got away with a bottle of whisky £28.
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