Who says choc bars are getting smaller?

Started by klondike, May 04, 2022, 12:16:17 PM

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Just spotted this on Amazon..

Mind you it costs £73.99  :shocked:


Cadbury's have definitely changed their chocolate recipe. Silkier but not tastier..


Imagine trying to break a piece of that off!


I have enough bother with the small Toblerones.


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Wow I love Toblerone I did see giant bars for about a tenner at Christmas.


Not that big. I think it said it was 4.5kg. Must be lots or bars inside or you'd never manage to eat a chunk off one that size.

I was given a big one once and that had several smaller ones in it.

Michael Rolls

haven't had Toblerone in years - you're making the gastric juices flow!
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