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Nicola Sturgeon has been reported to police for breaching Scotland's laws on face coverings.
A video shows the lady not wearing a mask when visiting a barber shop..
She immediately put it on when  realizing her mistake..
Scottish Conservative health spokesman  Doctor Sandesh Gulhane said..
'It's clear she doesn't believe in her own rules.. so why should anyone else'?

Petty beyond belief.. How many people  have walked into a store without a mask.. only to realize their mistake.. Many , I should think..
  I have..
Don't ask me.. I know nuffink..


On one hand , she should not be punished for a minor mistake.

On the other, could not happen to a nicer person.
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That sort of thing makes the finger pointer look a prat. I had heard about the mask failing earlier but no detail.


Hope she goes down, another pompous control freak, blow hard politician. Those that live by the sword deserve to die by it.
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Cassandra.. How I love your replies..
You hold back no punches , go for the jugular and tell it like it is..
Should I ever slip up and break the law.. I would like you at my back..
Don't ask me.. I know nuffink..


I'm intrigued.. What was she doing in the barber's shop?


something for the weekend sir :?:

Michael Rolls

Apparently she shaved a man's beard off for him (knowing her take on life, probably whether he wanted it off or not!)
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Quote from: Scrumpy on April 18, 2022, 04:11:17 PM

Cassandra.. How I love your replies..
You hold back no punches , go for the jugular and tell it like it is..
Should I ever slip up and break the law.. I would like you at my back..

At your service madam any time. Today many would be surprised just how clear cut, cross examination becomes (became) in a criminal court. I learnt early on to assess a Judge or Jury and adjust tone accordingly. Years in the cells and prison 'interview' rooms with the ungodly meant you had to be fluent in both the vernacular and cockney 'back-slang'.

Many times 'His Lordship would ask me for example, "what does done him up good style, like a bleedin kipper" mean? Mostly to a wry smile in return from my various replies. Today following 'incorporation' to the beakery, I get very irritated by the drivel most politicians regurgitate supposedly as answers to questions.

Especially Johnson's mumbled garbage at PM questions. I would (and have instructed a few of them in my time) following the usual long ended meaningless drivel to have another go and this time answer the question. They then ran to the Lord Chancellor's Office, crying over harsh treatment. I never received a singular criticism or comment, at least officially.

Over a glass somewhere perhaps one would receive a quiet "well done old chap, needed doing, bloody politicians are overpaid liars"!
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There's always some nasty wee Oik lurking with a phone on record.  :nooo:
Anyone can slip up and she did (daft mare)  :rolleyes: she realised in seconds she'd not got it on, and put it on.
Police gave her a bollocking and as far as they're concerned it's case closed.  :lipsrsealed:
But of course the Scunner who grassed her up is perfect  :waiting: never ever makes a mistake. AYE RIGHT.  :nooo:

BBC News - Police speak to Nicola Sturgeon over mask breach


Tiny slip ups are what bring them crashing (not likely in this case imo). We only got May because Leadsom made a pretty tiny slip suggesting that she may have more of a stake in the future than May because she has children. Somehow that turned her into the spawn of Satan and May became a shoe in.

Had that not happened we might have had a quicker and better Brexit rather than tweaks to the botched deal May cooked up.


I'd forgotten about Andrea Leadsome and her children slip up, you don't hear much from her these days.  I think she would have made a better PM than Theresa May, but I suppose that's easy to say with hindsight  :grin:.


She at least was in the Leave camp...
May did initially Talk the Talk but fell right down on the job of delivery. We ended up with almost all the shite that she negotiated got told was going to happen by the EU. At least we have left though.