are we watching too much televison,

Started by alfred, April 11, 2022, 08:26:49 AM

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Some people have their T.V on all day others use their tablets . laptops, and desk top computers,  so is all this staring at screens a good thing, or a bad thing, as too much eye strain could for some people become a health issue,

Q;  have you any thoughts on straining the eyes, if so do you have a remedy ,if so will you tell us about it,.


I definitely watch too much telly/laptop screen/phone screen  :cool:   I don't have a remedy apart from the ' off' button.  I say to myself, another half hour on here then switch off,  but I never do.


I very rarely watch TV - too busy on the computer - ooops!

Even the TV I occasionally watch is on my computer - a 27" iMAC.
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I don't watch too much tv..  Unless the weather is bad...
I try not to watch anything before teatime.. My mate sticks it on when she gets up.. !!
I prefer the radio..
Don't ask me.. I know nuffink..

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I watch two or three films a week on Netflix or Prime, but TV as such, hardly at all. Quite a bit of time om the PC
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Like Alex I watch TV or I am on the computer miles too much, I don't listen to the radio but do have the rolling news channel on TV.   Covid has increased this considerably but when it is your only outside communication what can you do?  I do try to listen to my music more, but generally do this while on the computer so can't win.  I live in a very rural area and am trying to move hopefully to somewhere near to civilisation maybe thing will change if I can get out more on a daily basis.


I've mentioned before that I don't watch TV unless it's for live sport, which is less and less nowadays as they want to charge money for everything and have the radio on all day but I start watching downloaded films, some tv drama series' and the odd documentary sometime in the evening, about the time I have a first drink and that's it until I pack it in around 3/4 am. Hard to get out of a life-time's habits.. :hmm:


We watch more TV in the Winter than the Summer, always something to be done during the warm evenings.


i generally switch on for bargain hunt at 12.15 then first whinge on the news its off, usually 1.05
i really meant to bring myIPTV with me but its sitting beside my so i wont watch much, unless i rejoin Netflix in Goa...