Started by crabbyob, April 06, 2022, 01:26:32 PM

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Hi folks its that timer.... my heart is going ten to the dozen, i leave in less than six hours so i am about to attack my case for the last time,,, i have a big box of butter and two packs of cheese, a cut glass decanter, a thingy for chopping veggies, three pairs of ladies shoes [size five] for Chennai, two pais of slippers size seven for Goa...then my someone will book me in online later today then i board and the plane takes off at 10.00 in the morning and i will finally land in Chennai at 5,00 a.m. friday.... so its not easy but £700 well spent i hope... i will get in touch whenever i can, but dont hold your breath... try and be good....crabbyob


Stay safe crabbyob,  Hae a guid journey  :upvote:

Michael Rolls

all the best, crabbyob - have a great time
Thank you for the days, the days you gave me
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Hadn't realised it was so soon. All the best crabbyob.


See ya mate, have fun.. :halo: :evil:


Have a great time crabbyob.


Best if luck Crabster!
"If a man does not keep pace with his companions, perhaps it is because he hears a different drummer."


Safe journey and have a great time. Maybe catch up with you on Facebook in a few days.


Wot they all said! Enjoy, enjoy!
Its not how old you are, but how you are old. 💖


Quote from: GrannyMac on April 06, 2022, 05:17:05 PM
Wot they all said! Enjoy, enjoy!

What GrannyMac has said.

It's great that you're actually getting to go again.
Make every day count, each day is precious.
"Death leaves a heartache no one can heal, love leaves a memory no one can steal".  (Cassandra)


Hope it is all, you hope it will be.
Have a great time. You've waited long enough!
As you slide down the banister of life.
May the splinters never point in the wrong direction.


crabbyob gets there on Friday.. !! He must be going the long way round..  :smiley:
Don't ask me.. I know nuffink..


That's the trouble with Mongolfier Airlines


I hope he's not flying from Manchester!


3 hour long queues at Manchester, they haven't got enough staff apparently.