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Started by Alex, March 20, 2022, 03:29:25 PM

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"Your original order for Ukrainian Christian was unavailable so we've substituted it for Afghan Muslim, we trust this is acceptable?  "

According to the Sunday Times "All refugees set to have a Ukrainian style welcome "  More than 150,000 people have offered to take in a Ukrainian refugee since the government launched the scheme on Monday.

Government insiders said they expected this to outstrip the number of Ukrainians who want to come to the UK but do not want to waste the offers.  Ministers want to use the scheme to try to resettle other refugees who have been housed in hotels for months.


I just read that out to Paul and he said 'what about homeless army veterans?'


EXACTLY  ! plenty of ex servicemen who would love a bit of respite in a hotel, never mind someone's home  :angry:

Michael Rolls

disgraceful - and I still wonder at the practicality of the idea
Thank you for the days, the days you gave me
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It'll likely end in tears.. Which are, of course, better than tragedies. It's a bad idea.


it is a tragedy waiting to happen
wait till some old couple get allocated a 25 year old child


The Time story Alex referred to in case somebody thinks they are in the (bad) joke section.,the%20Homes%20for%20Ukraine%20scheme.

It runs into a paywall after a couple of paras of course...


No surprise there..
We are bloody fools to fall for it.. What happens when a  tragedy occurs!! And it will..
Well .. I am going to say it and If I upset anyone that is too bad..
' Not in my backyard '..
I'm far too old to be taking a 23 year old to school..
Don't ask me.. I know nuffink..


From what I can make out most of these refugees are young women with children. Could be a perverts charter.


The  Ukranians are prepared to fight for their country and send their women and children to safety.  Most of the other "so called refugees" have run leaving their women and children behind, wouldn't give them anything and I hope nobody agrees to taking them in. 

We spent 20 years training an Afghan army and they put down their wepons and ran when faced with the enemy, they are a disgrace, don't want any of them here.



Don't you just get that 'Sinking feeling' ... literally..
Don't ask me.. I know nuffink..


Quote from: Alex on March 20, 2022, 03:34:40 PM
EXACTLY  ! plenty of ex servicemen who would love a bit of respite in a hotel, never mind someone's home  :angry:

Serving personnel and vets are entitled to priority status for housing. Perhaps they need to be directed to the CAB?

Many places also have organisations like this

There are reasons why we see some 'born and bred' on the streets.  The term 'revolving door' could sometimes be used regarding regular street homeless applicants.  Our LA spent a fortune on support workers, we had available flats, with help to settle in, get benefits sorted etc.  It worked for some, but even after months of help, tenancies regularly broke down.  There are all sorts of complex reasons why someone might be on the street. Plus not all those we see begging or selling the Big Issue are actually homeless.

Local authorities use B&Bs and hostels.  But often there are rules about drugs and alcohol, which don't always suit.

If I'd volunteered to open up my home, which I haven't, I'd want a say in who was moving in!  I hope these volunteers are careful, or as has been said, it could all end in tears.   
Its not how old you are, but how you are old. 💖


At the first sign of tragedy we rush to help and why wouldn't we.. ! It is devastating the horrors that are taking place in the Ukraine.. People fleeing.. bodies in the street.. children orphaned..
We have sent warm clothing .. bedding and medical aid.. Many have hired transport in order to get much needed items to those who are desperate.. Many paying from their own pockets..
We are asked to open up our homes to these desperate people.. and many are offering this because we are human beings and they have nowhere to run.. They have lost all..
But, hang on a minute.. When we offer to help the Ukrainians why then should the Afghan Muslim get in on the act.. !!!
Illegal refugees hit our shores .. get picked up.. housed .. etc; etc; at a cost to the taxpayer.. This has got to stop.. It is getting out of control.. and will get worse with the better weather ....
Many here are finding it a struggle to heat.. eat.. travel..
This country should look to the people already living here not those who invade our shores..
Don't ask me.. I know nuffink..


Quote from: GrannyMac on March 22, 2022, 05:47:49 AMI hope these volunteers are careful, or as has been said, it could all end in tears.
There was a story a while back about somebody housing an asylum seeker and ended up getting murdered by them. I can't find the story now as it is buried amongst lots of other stories of murder by and of asylum seekers. I expect the policing, court and prison costs of those that ship up here uninvited are on a par with the hotel bills. No wonder HMG don't seem able to afford to support genuine refugees even though they make up a tiny minority of the influx.