To Die Or Not To Die..

Started by zoony, March 17, 2022, 05:32:27 PM

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At last we're getting somewhere near an assisted dying bill.. But why on earth has it/is it taken/taking such a long time? Okay, the world has people in it who can't be trusted but good law can surely forestall the most obvious abuses with well-thought out procedural rules. Like many here I can look forward to an unpleasant end more or less alone so I thank providence that this has come in my lifetime, though I'm sure there are arguments to the contrary.


There will always be arguments around this. I am all for it and I know how much I would hate to suffer for ages with no hope of getting better. So much easier to be able to slip away quickly, quietly, and painless.  Sorry if that upsets anybody, it's not meant to.
If we let our pets suffer we'd be in court and then jail for it, so what's the difference.


In terms of treating them humanely?..None at all to my thinking.


i have never been near the position you are stating Zoony... like when i hear of a suicide it devastates me, i just cant imagine anyone being in that place where they could do what they they obviously do... i feel for them and i feel for their friends and relatives, i have not been touched by that neither...
would i vote for it.... no i dont think i could....
in Goa the preferred method of suicide seems to be to drink a bottle of Fenni and walk into the sea, and it distresses me to even think that anyone i know could do it...


It's not voting for suicide crabbyob, it's voting for a more humane understanding of what it means to be in continual pain for years and unable through chronic disability to do anything about it except suffer and endure day after day, night after night. It's also for loved ones who suffer through it with them. I don't know if it's morally right, I'm just saying that it's morally right to have an option.


I see it as a human right. They shoot horses don't they.


i'm not denying you the right Zoony
i can just see so many wrongs that could be used so a son could get at his inheritace for example.
but no-one desrves to live in agony, not even pain, more needs to be done in the pain management side of medi-care, hospices more available where trained folks are attending them, where everyone arround your 'special' needs


The UK has already got an assisted dying strategy, of sorts, as my wife was marked as a DNR case during her last spell in hospital.
Make every day count, each day is precious.
"Death leaves a heartache no one can heal, love leaves a memory no one can steal".  (Cassandra)


i told my son if he sees that notice in connection with me he should spend some money avin legs broke...
who has the right to decide that,.... only you...