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Started by alfred, March 11, 2022, 07:58:14 AM

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For many of us who buy on line , home deliveries be it by courier, royal mail or private companies, the home delivery has taken off big time , although with fuel increases such as  petrol, diesel and even oil the cost of these  fuels will in time reflect on increased charges on home deliveries,

of course , the trend of home deliveries by many super markets as they battle to gain customers  and their fair share of the consumer market
will as we all know result in higher costs when it comes to almost everything , more so in food, and petrol.

as it is in todays modern world the problem with supply and demand have equal problems , so for some home grown could be the answer.

Q; do you like having home delivery services, or would you prefer to go out shopping and where possible take your purchases home with you instead,

as usual your stories will make interesting reading,


Online shopping with home deliveries for anything other than basic groceries.

Petfood & cat litter definitely online & deilvered.
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I prefer to shop for things myself, especially in the food department. But I'm having a hell of a job getting the dog foods that the Hairy One likes. :angry: He has a very dicky tummy so has to stick to the easily digest ones. :sad: There is very little choice on the shelves of any of the shops and no body knows why, I've asked in them all.  :cry: So now I'm away to start looking online for it.

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I much prefer home delivery. I really dislike having to traipse round supermarkets - or did, before pandemic.
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Since ditching the TV licence and getting Amazon Prime along with shop restrictions during the pandemic I get a lot more online that I used to. Still do supermarket shops though.

I know we pay for delivery in the price but not seeing it itemised with Prime helps me forget. eBay went the same way and pretty much everything now is "free" delivery.


I just go the the supermarket, twice a week usually, though lately it's been once a week..   If I need anything I have family close by, so I'm lucky.


Mostly online Amazon Prime ..delivered next day.
Clothes I am wary about.. Not easy unless you know the sizes .. A size 14 in one shop can be a size 16 in another.. Also I like to feel the cloth..
I find that returns are a 'drag'..
I mostly go to a store..
Don't ask me.. I know nuffink..