Some People Shouldn't be Let Out.

Started by Raven, July 14, 2023, 11:12:06 AM

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Roads?  Cable cars?
Oh, half measures.

What they need to do is drive a tunnel into the hill, then from there build a lift shaft up to the top.
It's the civilised thing to do.
A missionary from Yorkshire to the primitive people of Lancashire


Great idea.  Then incorporate an Oblivion ride far longer than the one at Alton Towers. 

So many lost money earners by these short sighted Scots.  And for what?  So they can look at some rocks and grass?  Yawn!  Been there, seen it and have got the T shirt.


All joking aside, I get very angry at a lot of these people who go up our munros. A lot are probably equipped but a hell of a lot aren't, most don't even have the sense to tell someone what route they intend to take and keep in touch. The weather can and does change in an instant up there, I know, I've seen it several times myself. Last time we were heading up to "Buachaille Etive Beag" a few years back there was a young couple also heading up, the stupid mare had sandals on her feet, SANDALS FFS. No back pack, no jacket that I could see. Himself told me to keep my mouth shut, it was her choice if she wanted to get hurt. These fools get into trouble then expect our men to rescue them. Ggggrrrrrr snap, snarl.


I know.  I tell my wife when I'm going to the end of the garden as it can get a bit rainy at times!


Quote from: dextrous63 on July 14, 2023, 07:41:03 PMI know.  I tell my wife when I'm going to the end of the garden as it can get a bit rainy at times!

Ya wee Nyaff.  :1020:  :rofl:


Seriously though, I suspect that too many people watch TV and think that monstrous weather is a load of old tosh and that if they phone someone up, the helicopter will be there in a minute or two.  So, out they go with no experience, only to discover that monstrous weather is indeed monstrous and technology isn't quite as Hollywood makes out.