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Started by hugh, March 03, 2022, 06:02:53 PM

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Yes the people of Ukraine are suffering, but the people of Russia will also start to suffer in a very different way. What ever Putin as told them they will have to believe as there is no other news out lets. Cannot be long before they start wondering what really is going on. Very unlikely they will have been told no international foot ball a sport they love, or formula one motor sport. Sanctions I expect will not yet really started to bite, but they soon will, which will be quite a shock for them. In my scuba diving days I met many Russians and they are really nice and friendly.
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If the Russians knew what was going on they couldn't do much about it.. Protest at your peril..
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THe Russians can still watch the BBC, so they'll know the bbc version of what's going on.


BBC now been stopped from broadcasting. 

Very worrying they are now bombing a nuclear power station. Could this be the straw to start WW3  :?: :?: :?: :?: [size=110%] [/size]
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Quote from: hugh on March 04, 2022, 07:44:42 AM
they are now bombing a nuclear power station. Could this be the straw to start WW3
They'll maybe hold fire on that for a few days. I checked and right now there are westerly winds. Plus they are closer to it than much of Europe.

It's good to moan.


This madman not going to stop in Ukraine so they had better get a move on with sanctions, or have a new plan.
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