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Started by alfred, February 12, 2022, 12:15:19 PM

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When ever iv got the T.V on invariably some where in the adverts are young people running. jumping and doing all sorts of keep fit movements
and of course when it comes to sports .they perform amazingly,

although i like to watch these healthy young fit people both men and women doing amazing things like the long jump or pole vaulting, or even the high jump even running a 100 meters in next to no time   i sadly think all these sports over times such as rugby,  football and boxing must play a part as these people get older, including dancing,

so once their sell by fitness date expires so it seems does their bodies knee joints, ,  hip  joints , and so on, so is keeping fit a really good idea as these young people many of whom will pay a high price at some date in the future,

Q; do you think keeping fit and healthy is a good idea for many the price comes high at a later date  what are your views and will you share them with us,


i worry about the other side of the Coin, Alfred. the majority of kids today dont do the physical activities we did for example, their games are hand-held often on a mobile phone, whereas ours were all Physical. in my part of the world there was only football, no cricket nor rugby... and even then there werent many facilities, for example most council football pitches were cinder, lol, no joking.... so i gravitated into boxing, but not for long, but when i came to England anyone could get a game of football, and still can, which is wonderful. but i did mainly physical work, and always had a hobby, when i finnished with football i went match fishing, then, graduated into Golf, so i have put plenty fuel into my tank, but my son is a computer person, his hobby is lambrettas plenty exercise there [pushing them] but his son is into some intense physical activities which involves hiking the Brecon
Beacons carrying a heavy back-pack, did you exercise Alfred :?:


No matter your age you should do your best to keep fit. Exercises to keep fit you cannot beat the exercises that are used for people who play golf. No you have no need to play golf. Myself I have an exercise bike and a set of dumbbells which I used during my year in lock down. Golf you have to be able to twist your body and be able to bend. 
Happy Golfer


When Paul was younger he played rugby, football and squash.  His joints are paying the price now, especially his knees and ankles.   He now plays bowls and I notice the game does keep people fit.

I used to do a lot of yoga and swimming but had to stop because of lung problems.  Lockdown made my legs weak but we try to walk as much as possible and I have bought one of those gadgets that you sit and peddle. 

Standing on one leg is supposed to be good so I do that with a kitchen worktop nearby to touch if necessary.

There is a chair assisted exercise class locally which is surprisingly good and I go with a couple of neighbours.

Michael Rolls

I do around 30 minutes of exercises a day to try and improve my gammy arm (so far, not really working) and my back 🤞🤞🤞
Thank you for the days, the days you gave me
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Hello crabbyobob,

no i never have well not in later years but in the school days i swam, did boxing, and ran in the school sports, in between i had friends who as a group cycled from east London to where i now live in southend on sea,

and i did that with them a number of times,  but as i grew older all this stopped as i like many others did my national service , and then i met my wife and everything changed .....for the better, after that i was working 12 hours a day in security work, up to retirement.


I agree with you Sheila bowls a good sport to keep you fit. Never believed in jogging don't do your joints much good.
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just so long as you are well, and staying mobile Alfred..


My mother was a keen bowler, flat green of course in Scotland. She played indoor as well.  I have some trophies she won.

I rarely exercised in my younger days, but now I belong to a local leisure centre, where I do circuit training that is similar to cardiac rehab, plus I exercise in the pool two or three times a week.  Several others have had hip and knee replacements, and water based exercise is perfect for them.
Its not how old you are, but how you are old. 💖

Flying Bomb

Many in care homes get no exercise yet live to ripe old ages.
I know someone hasn't even walked for many years in his eighties.

Much is genetic.........As I have said, You are what was in your mother's genes
and what was in your father's jeans.    :clap:


when young we were taught to push ourselves
but we shouldnt today, just do a bit, a token effort is better than nothing [he says doing nothing]
i was always a good walker, but required somewhere to walk to, i find it difficult to exercise for the sake of it, put a pub at the end of it and i might manage'
in my seventies i managed to do 18 holes twis in a day several times, trust me i was knackered, but i did it, today tho doing 9 holes is an effort, i think i'm ready for my first


Just standing up and walking to another room.. climbing the stairs.. sweeping the floor.. squatting on the toilet.. Flipping the mattress..  cleaning the bathroom, windows and worktops.. the list goes on and on.. And I haven't even got outside yet.. !!
Don't ask me.. I know nuffink..