muslim England

Started by crabbyob, February 09, 2022, 02:34:51 PM

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Flying Bomb

How many councilors and MPs I wonder ?


Perhaps because they're the ones who take the most active interest in their communities and can be arsed to vote at local elections and on local issues? Can't blame them for filling the vacuum left by our own disinterest and inactivity... Just sayin'..


Is that out of date crabbyob? Our mayor is Gail Smith. AFAIK she's not Muslim. We did have Magic Magid, from the Greens until 2018..  He was certainly different!

You may well have a point zoony.  And whilst some schools serve halal, its not compulsory.
Its not how old you are, but how you are old. 💖


I see nothing wrong with Halal though I know it's considered cruel. We have no idea really of where the meat we eat comes from nowadays let alone that in pies and sausages..


I seriously doubt that list is actually accurate anyway.


Where did these statistics come from ?? Just did a little bit of fact checking. The mayor of oxford is Mark Lygo. The number of mosques in UK appears to be 1,800 - 1,900. There are many places in UK that I would choose not to go but where are the "muslim-only no-go areas". "ALL schools in UK serving ONLY Halal meat" total rubbish !! I gave up at this point.


I think this list is out of date and probably exaggerated, what I would ask though is how Zoony can see nothing wrong with Halal. :waiting:  This is no longer about a man in a white frock saying prayers over a terrified and very conscious animal.  Nowadays such is the demand for halal that it's a conveyor belt style slaughter, with screaming animals slung up on a rack by a hook through the leg, left to bleed to death.  I've seen about 10 seconds of halal slaughter, it was absolutely barbaric.


Typical far right misinformation designed to incite racial discontent and hatred. Which is actually a crime in this fabulous multi-cultural democracy of ours.
"If a man does not keep pace with his companions, perhaps it is because he hears a different drummer."


The footballer who was cruel to his cat is quite rightly being investigated by the RSPCA and is booed by the crowds.

While animals are suffering horrific  daily Halal and Kosha slaughter as Alex describes, this is perfectly legal. According to the RSPCA only 58% of animals Halal slaughtered are stunned first.  We all killed our animals like that once, but we have moved on with humaine methods. 

The RSPCA and Vetinary Association are against slaughter without stunning the animal first, have been campaigning but get nowhere because nobody in Government wants to stick their head over the top and condem backward stoneage people for the obvious reason they don't want to be labeled islamophobic, antisemetic or racist.

Why is it OK to prosecute an individual  for animal cruelty and allow mass animal cruelty by a religion?  I don't understand why, other than true cowardice.

Please Zoony find some footage of Halal slaughter, I challenge you to watch it to the end then tell me you still think its OK.


No Jacq, I'm not a stranger to it and I 'get' the protests but it's their business and none of mine.  :smiley:


I assume he meant the original list lifted from Facebook. I didn't for one second think it was likely to be accurate. I certainly think cruel slaughter methods should be banned.



We shouldn't stand back and let shit happen, but I am as guilty as everyone else as I don't go out protesting and blockading halal abatoirs which I really should be doing if I practice what I preach.  But why this practice is deemed acceptable in a so called civilised society I really don't know.


Neither do I Jacq, it's called islamization by stealth, another worrying aspect of this cult.