dish washers.

Started by alfred, February 09, 2022, 01:12:01 PM

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Although i don't have one as a result of my house having a small kitchen , but i know people who do have one,

Q; if you have one how do you use it when it comes to getting the washing up done,


Paul puts stuff in and I then rearrange it so that the water can get to the dirty dishes!


You need a fair bit of crockery and cutlery unless you do a lot of fancy cooking so they can just go on every two or three days otherwise they would be running almost empty.

Michael Rolls

We had one installed, and in the good old days when Veronica was still with us, and family visited, it was great. Now on my own 95% of the time, it hasn't been used since Christmas 2018
Thank you for the days, the days you gave me
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I've never had a dish washer, never really wanted one tbh, there's only so much space for crockery in kitchen cupboards.


I think it was Phil that mentioned that you can put parts of your cooker in the dish washer.. I do this..It is great at cleaning any grease off..
I normally wash up by hand.. unless there is extra when family visit..
Don't ask me.. I know nuffink..


Being a lazy sod my hand washing up is minimal.