Tasy sandwich,

Started by alfred, February 02, 2022, 11:16:16 AM

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the other day feeling peckish i thought of a sliced  egg and tomato sandwich
and i enjoyed it but i hen wondered what other sandwich's are equally satisfying ,

Q ; do you have ideas when it comes to tasty sandwiches if so will you share your ideas with us.


Tuna, tomatoe and mayo on brown bread for me  :smiley:


Bacon, lettuce, bacon, tomato and bacon.
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cheddar with Branston pickle, Coronation chicken, roast beef and horseradish
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Egg and cress.. I also like Chilli con carne in a wrap..
A bacon sandwich is great but finding the right bacon is a full time job..
Don't ask me.. I know nuffink..

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forgot egg and cress - thanks
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Quote from: Scrumpy on February 02, 2022, 12:31:02 PM
finding the right bacon is a full time job..
Is there a wrong bacon???  :smiley:


Well I will not buy smoked bacon other wise haven't a clue on right or wrong, unless its to do with fat content.
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A couple of odd ones from me, I like Cheese & Onion crisps on a butty, also cold baked beans - must be cold  :grin:  Ordinary favourites Bacon & Egg, Prawn Mayo.

I wish they'd stop putting sweet corn in salads or tuna mayo butties, it takes an age picking it out :grin: :grin:


Unsmoked back for a sandwich for me. I do like streaky but am bothered about the amount of fat. I won't research that though just in case it's all too fatty... :nooo:


Thick cut, dry cured back bacon for me.



I don't buy smoked but see it more as a not so good bacon  :grin:


I have some posh bacon (unsmoked) and a fresh oven-bottom muffin (Bap, balm, roll) and I'm about to bring them together with a nice cup of coffee. Small pleasures..


Grilled or fried mate? And remember, it HAS to be brown sauce. It's the law!  :smiley: