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Started by alfred, January 28, 2022, 08:57:28 AM

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some years back before sat navs were used i said to my wife get the map out as i want to go to a country farm shop way out in the sticks and although she did her very best she had a problem reading it.

and at that time i think most likely that because women in general weren't used to maps reading them became a problem , i came across other men who's wife's or girl friends had a similar problem ,

although today sat navs have got that problem covered ,
in the past when i had one it would tell me where cameras were hidden as the sat nav would ring  when i passed a hidden one,

Q; do you like sat navs , did you find them useful

Michael Rolls

When going to somewhere new - can be very useful. Can also be misleading! When it is really useful is if you manage to get yourself lost in a strange town
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My wife did the map reading while I did the driving. I think sat navs may have saved our marriage.

Michael Rolls

Driving in London, four lanes and I knew I had to be in the right lane - but which one? Heavy traffic, bus one side, lorry t'other. 'Where do I go asked of Susan, my first wife. 'That way' 'Which x&$z way?'
Luckily, I was already in the right lane.......
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Use the taxi driver technique. The correct lane is the one with least traffic in. If it wasn't cut everybody up.

I had a boss who drove like that. I had a lift with him to an office down in Essex. All in that journey which was the last I accepted from him...

A few hundred yards from the roundabout at the end of the M10 he was demonstrating and complaining about the steering shake his new 3 litre company Capri developed over 100.

Approaching a T junction the left lane was full and the right empty. He took the right and went left.

There are lots of "lanes" in Essex that get used as rat runs. I recall sitting while the wheels were spinning on leaves as an artic bore down on us when he pulled out in front of it.

My expenses that day should have incuded a pair of underpants.


Always remember the answer I was given by my ex when we approached a roundabout.

Which way to I need to go?

The problem with being retired is that you never get a day off


If you watch the ladies with a map you will see that most will turn it to face direction of travel which does make a lot of sense. Given that she was saying straight on.

Of course whether that was correct or not depends on whether she was following the same road on the map as you were on the road itself. IME the two were frequently different. Usually due to earlier misdirection.


I am still the map reader. We do have a satnav but as with most new technology I don't like it, and most of the time find it plain annoying. If we go somewhere we don't know and are trying to find a specific place very useful, and it did get us out of Glasgow once when we were lost.   I still like to plan our journey and follow my map.


I have never had a satnav..
I did the map reading for Sam.. When he took a wrong turning he would pull over and take the map away from me telling me that I was reading it wrongly..
Men!!.. Don't you just love 'em..!!!
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Quote from: klondike on January 28, 2022, 10:05:26 AM
If you watch the ladies with a map you will see that most will turn it to face direction of travel which does make a lot of sense.

What other way would you have it , you have to have it pointed the way you're going surely ?  :cool:
I took my Sat Nav to Spain and it was a godsend.   I picked up a hire car at Granada Airport, set up Navvy and I really expected it to "speak"  Spanish, of course it didn't  :grin: :grin: :grin:


Quote from: Alex on January 28, 2022, 10:57:36 AM
What other way would you have it
I think you'll find that most men leave them north up.



but ladies can read upside down....cant they?
another blessing of smart phones 'Google Maps' are perfect..


Yes I can read upside down :grin:


They can read what you haven't written down yet...

Google maps can be set course up or North up as I found when I told my son I could never find anything on it when on my bike. He pointed out it was set for ladies (course up) which confused the bejeysus out of me as I knew where I wanted was west of where I live......


So you knew where you wanted to go (west) was on your right then ?  :grin: