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When i was young i suffered a lot from cramp , and my legs paid an awful price  in the middle of the night i had to make a mad dash for the loo and it seemed then that the cramp in my legs would occur ,

of course trying to make my way to the small room was agony being hardly able to walk  but nature won through .  luckily enough for me , but its agony when cramp strikes ,

Q; have you or do you still suffer from cramp , and if so will you share your thoughts with us,


I get cramp in my gammy leg sometimes, I take a Magnesium supplement but not sure if it helps or not, I mean perhaps it would be worse if I didn't take Magnesium ?  :cool:


The occasional cramp now and again, nothing unusual but I once was prescribed bloody statins..Never encountered anything THAT bad..I kid you not, it felt as if my ankle was trying to break itself!


I had statins for a short while Zoon, every joint in my body ached, it was awful.


I've occasionally have a severe cramp in one or other calf. So damned painful you can't stand on it and feel like crying. They happen during sleep so uncertain of the cause but it will be something like moving the leg into some odd position or other I suppose. I've had it once just getting into a car.

Another statins victim too.

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when young - 20-40 or so, I frequently got cramp in the sole of a foot - really painful. Had to get up and stamp up and down with the afflicted foot until the cramp went. I also (not at the same time) got cramp in a calf - same remedy.
I do still get cramp, but nothing like as badly, and only very, very infrequently - perhaps a handful of times a year
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I get cramp in my toes sometimes the cold seems to bring it on, and have had it in my legs too, not nice. My Aunt suffered and was told she had some dificency but I can't remember what it was. 

Talking of Statins, I have been on them for a few years, and suffer from aches and pains. My friend said maybe its the Statins and to stop taking them for a while.  I was off them for two weeks, and  imagination or not, the pains in my hips seemed to have gone.  I thought I had better start taking them again as they were prescribed by the Diabeties doctor, I will mention it to my GP when I go again, which I hope will not be too soon.


There seems to be some pressure on GPs to prescribe statins to as many pts as possible across the board but they don't agree with everyone..



They are cheap as chips and do produce a percentage reduction in heart attack stroke etc. So HMG want them prescribed. Given my reaction to them I'd rather take my chances and have made sure the GP knows.

Doesn't stop them trying it on every few years though. Last time I told mine he could prescribe them if he wanted but would they harm the environment when I flushed or binned them. That shut him up that time.


I rarely get cramp.

I've talked about statins before.  Some are as cheap as chips as klondike says, but there are different types.  My OH is on a different (more expensive) type, after suffering with joint and muscle pains on others.  A bit of trial and error. Without statins, he'd probably be dead, like his older brother who was mid forties when he died suddenly.  The post mortem showed huge blockages in his arteries.  OH has survived over 25 years since a 3 x bypass, mainly due to statins.  His slightly younger brother also takes them, as does my son.

BHF have done lots of research into familial (inherited) conditions.

Its not how old you are, but how you are old. 💖


towards the end of my footballing i started getting leg cramps, someone reccommended 'Crampex' a tablet, so i got some and never got cramp for nearly forty years but for the past few years i get it in bed, right calf everytime, i have to get out of bed ASAP and stand on that leg, but i completely forget it else i might ask at the chemists for some 'Crampex'... but i never get it in India...mmmm...


Still available but I only get it once in a while and I reckon they'd be needed nightly. I already have trouble getting off to sleep with all the pills rattling as I turn over,


My wife was given Quinine Sulfate for cramp, I get cramp every now and a again and the only way to get over it is to get out of bed and exercise, which is a very painful exercise. Are they still pushing every one to take satins, after ten years they have stopped asking me to take them. My younger brothers on them and now has heart problems.
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After reading the above replies it makes me a bit concerned about the ones I have been taking.. They are Atorvastatin 20mg.. could one of the side effects be dizziness... balance..
Might give them a miss and see how I go..
Don't ask me.. I know nuffink..


perhaps check out at the quacks first dearie?????