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Started by klondike, January 25, 2022, 06:33:25 AM

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I watch Farage on catchup before I get up. He seems to have a bit of a Boris fixation of late.

Today's episode in this neverending series of revelations is that on 19 June 2020 while we were in lockdown Carrie set up a birthday bash for Boris with 30 attendees and even a cake.

Look forward to Cummings next news release in a day or so.


My son was 50 last summer. Lots of people, including us, at a lovely outdoor party.  Barbecue, cold buffet, lots of drinks, and.....a cake!  Should we be on the naughty step?  :shocked:
Its not how old you are, but how you are old. 💖


Sorry I forgot to put in the year. I'll fix that. The party was reported to be in lockdown in 2020 not last year when we weren't in lockdown sfaik and was indoors.

Is Boris's birthday the 'killer blow'? MPs expect MORE party revelations as calls grow for PM to quit now - saying the latest bash with 30 guests, Union Jack cake, M&S nibbles and a BBQ 'changes things a lot' and could mean a LOST confidence vote
ITV claims PM attended gathering organised by his wife Carrie in the Cabinet Room in No10 on June 19, 2020
They are said to have celebrated his 56th birthday after his return from a visit to a school in Hertfordshire
MPs lashed out at latest allegation, with one saying there are 'presumably more being stored up for release' 
No 10 said staff 'gathered briefly' in the Cabinet Room after a meeting and the PM stayed for only 10 minutes


I have found the explanation now...

'I had no idea I was leading a conga': Boris Johnson's birthday apology in full
THANK you. I attended my birthday party in June 2020, but at no point did I realise I was attending my birthday party. Let me explain.

I stepped through the door into a darkened room, I assumed to save energy and thereby the planet according to my world-leading green agenda.

The lights went on and a number of co-workers shouted 'Surprise!' I agreed that it was a complete and total surprise I had known nothing about in advance.

Those assembled then began singing 'Happy Birthday', which I surmised was because they were washing their hands in accordance with Covid safety rules. I felt a glow of pride.


 :grin: :grin:  Okay. I'm convinced..


No wonder the country is in a mess its one big continuous party in Downing Street so we are led to believe, when do they ever get anything done :?:


I imagine most were after working hours. That of course makes you wonder how they could be "work events".

I don't doubt that some rules were broken but this is a concerted attack on Boris by Dominic Cummings who broke the rules himself with the infamous 20 mile drive to test his eyesight.

It is sticking because Boris persists in lying about them.

I can't figure out what I'd like to see happen. If there was any credible alternative I'd say damn his eyes and kick him out. That little word if in the previous sentence is the biggy though.

Michael Rolls

I must say that I still feel Boris is the best of a pretty lack lustre lot
Thank you for the days, the days you gave me
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It seems Culture Secretary Nadine Dorries is in on the act now by questioning the definition of a party...

'So we're calling cake, pass the parcel and musical chairs a 'party' now?' asks Nadine Dorries

The Culture Secretary is questioning whether an event which involved an appearance by Mr Wimpy and a game of pass the parcel should actually be referred to as a 'party'.

Michael Rolls

Thank you for the days, the days you gave me
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