Desperate Bull kills two people

Started by muddy, March 31, 2024, 11:19:44 AM

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I was so sad to read about this utter cruelty .

My sympathy is all for the bull who was surrounded by hundreds  of jeering idiots 

I hate the suns headline of raging bull .

Poor thing trapped in a ring with hundreds of its would be murderers

Silver Tabby

Bullfighting is barbaric!  My sympathy, like Muddys, is with the bull.


Horrific, well done Mr Bull but I bet you had an awful end.  I'll never understand why tourists visit bull fighting events, particularly in Spain.   


The good news is that there ended up with two dead and eight injured among the cheering idiots.
Good for the bull.
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Disgusting way to treat animals, glad some got hurt in the process of their cruelty.


I loathe such cruelty and abuse of these animals.

I cannot comprehend the mentality of the humans,  not only the matadors, but the cheering crowds loving every minute of such mindless cruelty.

I read somewhere that it takes 7 years to train as a matador,  and they are paid and treated like reverred pop stars.

Vile, disgusting people.


Cruel.. cruel... These people have no respect for living things.. They torment before they eventually kill..
Tourist travel to see or take part in these events..  
The bull must be terrified.. The only thing he knows is to fight back.. But humans know better..  Disgraceful.. 
It is a pity the bull didn't get more victims..
Don't ask me.. I know nuffink..


The problem with being retired is that you never get a day off


It's awful that this continues. Not something you'd expect in a first world country these days.


I don't think Columbia is a first world country 


But Spain is and it happens there too, unfortunately.


Mea culpa. I didn't actually read the story. I saw it was bullfighting and assumed Spain although I know it takes place elsewhere too.


I enjoy seeing clips of bull fight matadors being gored.

I also have no sympathy for jump jockeys who end up in a wheelchair.
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Poor creature, lets always remember that technically these barbaric acts of middle age cruelty are against EU Law, of which Spain is a member!

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