Responsible dog ownership

Started by klondike, March 06, 2024, 05:07:08 PM

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My neighbour is in the warpath after this guy. He lets his dog crap all around our block and never picks it up. He asked me for some footage from when there was a delivery between our gates. His own camera angle didn't catch the deed and nor did mine. He is reporting it to some council person. He was promised there would be no warnings but straight in with a fine as it has become quite a problem recently.

Seems the dog is a fast worker (Colin took pics)


What annoys me is people pick it up then bung the bag in a bush or a tree, why can't they just take it to a bin.
We have Dog Wardens down in Perth and you never know where they're going to appear, they are very hot on follow ups if there's any complaints.


Dirty, lazy habit.
Your neighbour should follow him one day and see where he lives.
Collect up some 'droppings', wait until he goes out somewhere, and then drop the 'collection' into his letterbox.

He'll never know who did it, as I'm sure he takes absolutely no notice of where he 'drops his load'.
A missionary from Yorkshire to the primitive people of Lancashire


He knows where he lives - it's only just up the road from us. Apparently there are two wardens who handle things like fly tipping but also deal with dog poo offenses. They can hand out fixed penalty notices that run from £100 for starters up to £400 for repeat offfenders. He's passed on his and my videos plus pictures.


That's good, let us know the outcome. My nose is bothering me now.  :busted:


Not in my back yard comes to mind..
A few months back an early dog walker would allow his dog to poo in my garden.. I bought some spiked mesh stuff from Amazon.. Used to deter animals.. I laid it right where the dog did his toilet.. Job sorted..
Don't ask me.. I know nuffink..


Another deposit last night. I'll complain this time. My neighbour said the council warden told him that they had been in contact with the owner. They don't seem to be taking it very seriously.

I'm surprised he was with a woman. I'd assumed he was an uphill gardner given his appearance in the first video.

I've set these as unlisted - if they don't show please tell me.


Are they retarded or something?



Well, they're obviously among the 2% cohort that the remaining 98% of the population will have to work around somehow.🙄


Foul specimens! I hope they get fined klondike.
Its not how old you are, but how you are old. 💖


I think it's quite likely that the enforcement action was only a warning but can't be sure...

Good Morning Mark,

Thank you for your email and the links showing the footage relevant to this complaint.

As I have detailed to Colin, enforcement action has been taken to tackle this behaviour. I am more than happy to escalate this if he continues to allow his dog to foul without removing the faeces.

I have asked Colin to keep me updated of any further incidents so that I am able to escalate our enforcement action against this individual.

I appreciate the footage you have provided and this is now linked with the case. If you obtain any further evidence regarding continued dog fouling issues please do send this to me and my colleague Angela (Copied in) for our further review and forward investigation.

Kind Regards,

Elizabeth Newbery
Neighbourhood Warden
Regulatory Services
West Northamptonshire Council