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Started by Alex, January 21, 2022, 08:55:56 PM

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I copied this just now from PF incase not everyone will get to see it.

Quote from: zoony on Today at 06:47:07 PM

Not really Em but it's difficult to post when one is put on the naughty step by the moderator. The time-lag between post and appearance is so long.. In response to which I also reconsidered posting here though it's so awfully tempting when one reads certain posts..

What time-lag zoony? Scumpy has only made 1 post since being on moderated posts. It was approved less than 2 hours later.

And in actual fact I lifted the restriction entirely several days ago. Although she was the main recruiter for klondike's breakaway forum, I suspect like others she genuinely thought it was a backup in case PF died, but was following his instructions to recruit members secretly (as he knew I would be opposed to his plan).


I later added:

I'm just going off what she said Chris but it was only mentioned once to me directly so..and 2hrs is quite a lag..When you say 'the main recruiter for klondikeke' you do her a disservice. She was helping K to spread the word that if PF deteriorated, glitch-wise, any further he was putting together an alternative in case it died altogether. No spite, no malice, just so folk could remain in touch. You maintain that it wasn't glitching much but it really was. Good to see you've fixed it up now.


Thanks for the backup. I think it is maybe time to stop engaging with Chris on this though. If you don't he'll continue to see conspiracy. Good to hear he actually reads stuff on PF now though. If he had before this spat would not have happened.

I imagine many of you saw what was exchanged here on contacting PF members. There were a couple emails early on but no secret service stuff and no PM as I had them disabled quite a while until I figured out how to stop the emails they generated.

I did indeed ask if anybody could think of a reason to ask friends to contact them to do so. The motive was simple. Every indication pointed to PF going down the pan by my interpretation.


He's like a dog with a bone, I know you say it's best to 'stop engaging' - but he isn't leaving it alone !  So I'm afraid I've added my tuppence worth again.

I've scrubbed that, no point raking old ground up


I see you did ask about the rotting corpse thread pinned to the top of general and note it is because it contains a link tho the official backup forum. It's a relief to know I won't need to produce a backup to the backup forum then so I can knock that off my joblist.

BTW has anybody registered on it successfully. I did try but it just gave an error and I don't know if I'm banned there.


I haven't tried klondike, I was sitting here chunnering to myself about him not letting it rest and when I read the thread back, it was my bloody fault for bringing up Scrumpy being monitored !  Trust me.... I think I'll stay away from PF for a while now, Dayjo & Little bob were right, it used to be a good place for banter.

Michael Rolls

I tried, and failed, to register with the official back-up. I told Chris - via E-mail - right at the beginning of all this that he was being paranoid about folk who were only trying to help. He didn't see it that way. I am not going to get involved with his sefl-justification, although phrases like 'secretly recruiting', 'going behind my back', etc., rather irritate.
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To a degree he is correct. I didn't announce I'd produced a backup in case his forum tanked. I already knew from what I had been told about the earlier setup of, in that case, a parallel forum that his reaction would be bad and had no idea what it might be - he could have just pulled the plug after all as it looked to me that that was his eventual intention.

He is also right that when he got the outages issue sorted I could have just shut down the backup. I didn't for a couple of reasons - one, still there in the posts, being I was asked not to. The other is far less noble - he put my back up and I thought sod him. I can be just as petulant as anybody else when annoyed.


I have just told him he is wrong and should kiss and make up or his self fulfilling prophecy will see damage to the forum.

Either he will delete the post or check with Deep to see if I can be sued.
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His forum brought us all together. For that he deserves thanks.

As he set up the forum and pays the trivial amount it costs to run one he does appear to think that makes him supreme leader. Imo though any forum is those who post there more than who pays the hosting fees and those posters deserve some input into what happens.

That includes listening to complaints when things don't work. Things not working includes technical faults and the handling of disruptive posters. Imo he failed in both of those.


We're all here now and hopefully new blood will join. I'd ask some of my friends but most of them are 'hardened sinners'  :grin: from the 1960s  :clap:

I don't think Chris has the right to tell/ask klondike to shut down this forum though, lots of people post on both, plus Facebook, plus other places....


Just woke from a little doze. Picked up the tablet. Fat fingered my way online and what do I stumble upon. A post from Brian about a man and a reply from Scrumpy. Is this like Life on Mars? Have I been run over? What is this? Ah right I see. My fat fingers have taken me to PF. Still it was a good feeling to see the past if only for a little while.


Quote from: Alex on January 22, 2022, 12:13:22 PMI don't think Chris has the right to tell/ask klondike to shut down this forum
He has every right to ask. And here I have every right to make my instant reply.



Does anyone know a Brian character they could invite here ?  Probably not, there is only one Brian bless his little cotton socks..... :grin: