Anybody use Morrisons?

Started by klondike, December 19, 2023, 06:42:03 PM

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They used to be our goto supermarket. Then they started a price match on some items with Aldi and other supermarkets and their More card was paying at least £5 every couple of weeks. Then they knocked that on the head and went over to some other scheme that would have payed about £5 a year so we decided to give Aldi a look and that was the end of Morrison for us other than the occasional visit. Aldi changed to Lidl based largely on more room in stores and car parks with similar goods and prices,

Now it seems that Morrisons may well be going down the tubes

If Aldi and Lidl can both be opening new stores on a regular basis then it seems to me that if Morrisons are having to cut down on staffing in the Christmas rush they must have some terrible management.


So he's swapped Paris for Bradford  :x1: he should fit in well there.  TBH I had no idea Morrisons now has foreign owners, Mr Baitiéh has a look of David Essex about him ! hang on Scrumps I'll get me glasses if I can find them...

It's only 2 or 3 years ago Morrisons were opening new branches, so what on earth has happened to them ?  Then again can you believe all you read in the Daily Mail ?


I use them occasionally, ours is usually busy. My main go to's are Lidl and Sainsbury's.  I occasionally venture to Tesco, Asda, and Aldi. They're all within 10-15 minute drive.  
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Our local store is Morrisons but we don't use it often as it's a bit "quart in a pint pot", if you catch my meaning.  Prefer to go to Asda or Tesco as the selection is better and they're well spaced out.  Plus their loyalty point systems are better.


I did visit the local one to get something I didn't think was in Lidl (it is but I hadn't spottedit at the time), it isn't a big store but they had rammed in clothes, electricals and kitchen stuff which took up quite a chunk of it which I'm guessing is the quart in a pint pot mentioned. I did have some fish and chips in the cafe and they weren't bad. It's also where I tend to fuel up as their garage isn't so busy as either Sainsbury or Tesco.


We used to use Morrisons sometimes.  However, we usually order things from Ocado (with delivery) as we are getting too old to plod around supermarkets.
If we're short of something, and out and about anyway, we may pop into Aldi which is not too far up the road and cheap (and the checkout women are very quick compared to other places).
We do have a small local Sainsburys just at the bottom of the street if we're out locally.
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Morrisons have taken over a fairly small supermarket round the corner from us. The staff are lovely but it is expensive.


Quote from: Alex on December 19, 2023, 07:13:54 PMSo he's swapped Paris for Bradford  :x1: he should fit in well there.  TBH I had no idea Morrisons now has foreign owners, Mr Baitiéh has a look of David Essex about him ! hang on Scrumps I'll get me glasses if I can find them...

David Essex !!  David Essex !!!  Shoulda gone to Specsavers..  David Essex is a good looking man..

I pop into Morrisons sometimes.. The staff are nice.. I can't compare their prices to Aldi or Lidl.. I don't have those stores nearby.. I have noticed that their cafe is usually not working 100%.. and the staff usually consist of a young lad on his own.. Never busy..
I hope they don't close.. M&S will have no competition if they do..
For some reason I do not like to shop in Sainsbury's..
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We use Morrisons as it's only about 800 metres from our house.

It has been going downhill for some time with often empty shelves & freezer sections & a reduction in the range of handy non-food products it used to stock but no longer does.
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They were taken over by an American outfit Clayton, Dubilier & Rice (CD&R) in a much criticised highly geared hostile take-over in 2021. It seems that financial mistake may now be the ruin of them.

I used to enjoy visiting my local one when I lived in England, then lots of individual items and a good fish and butchery dept.

Eventually they'll just be Tescburys and the SS left!
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