Boris didn't know he was breaking the rules

Started by klondike, January 20, 2022, 11:21:54 AM

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Now I must admit this did sound like a bit of a porkie to me but then I wonder how many rules did you know about?

Taken from this story in the Telegraph

1. "Church yesterday. Wafer but no wine for communion. Service followed by wine and biscuits to mark the vicar's retirement."

2. "The one where you could work in a control room with multiple people for 12 hours then be breaking the law if you sat on a bench drinking coffee with one of them."

3. "Forming a socially distanced queue at the airport before being sardined into a packed plane with the same people, two hours later."

4. "Swings in our local park put into quarantine or removed – even though children were barely at risk from Covid as swings were outside."

5. "No butterfly stroke allowed while swimming."

6. "Pubs with no volume on the TV."

7. "Not allowing people to sit on a park bench. My elderly aunt kept fit by walking her dog every day, but she needed to rest. Since that rule, she stopped going out. She went downhill and died last April."

8. "I got thrown out of a McDonald's for refusing to stand on a yellow circle. I was the only customer."

9. "Yellow and black hazard tape across public seats and benches outdoors."

10. "I'm stuck in the infant in-patient ward with my nine-day-old sick baby, post C-section, unable to look after him. My husband (same household) is not allowed to be here with us. I'm having panic attacks, which is preventing me from producing milk for the baby."

11. "I was advised by a council worker to keep my dog on a lead because people might stop to pet her and congregate too closely."

12. "My bed-ridden mother-in-law with dementia in a care home where only 'window visits' were allowed. Mum was on the first floor. Had to wait for someone to die on the ground floor so she could be moved down there and finally seen by her family. After 12 months."

13. "Two people allowed to go for a walk on a golf course. If they took clubs and balls, it was a criminal offence."

14. "The one-way system in my local pub, which meant that to visit the loo you had to make a circular journey through the building, ensuring you passed every table."

15. "My dad was failing in his care home. We weren't allowed to visit him until the doctor judged he was end-of-life care because of one positive case in the home. We had 24 hours with him before he passed."

16. "People falling down the escalator on the Underground because they were frightened of touching the handrails – even though you couldn't get Covid from surfaces."

17. "Rule of Six. My wife and I have three children so we could meet either my wife's mum or her dad, but not both at the same time."

18. "Nobody solved an airborne virus transmission with a one-way system in Tesco."

19. "How about not being allowed for several months – by law – to play tennis outdoors with my own wife? We'd have been further apart from each other on court than in our own home."

20. "On two occasions, I was stopped and questioned while taking flowers to my mother's grave. One time, a police officer even asked for my mum's name. No idea what he would have done with that information."

21. "Birmingham City Council cutting the grass in two-metre strips – so the weeds could social-distance?"

22. "Northampton police checking supermarket baskets for non-essential items."

23. "All the children at school were asked to bring in a favourite book, but it had to be quarantined for two days before being 'exposed' to the rest of the class."

24. "Dr Hilary on Good Morning Britain advising people to wear masks on the beach – and that it would be a good idea to swim in the sea with one on, too."

25. "Gyms and exercise classes forced to close, but fast-food outlets remained open."

26. "They taped off every other urinal in my workplace."

27. "Sign on the inside of work bathroom door: close toilet lid before flushing to prevent plumes of Covid-19."

28. "We held our carol service in a local park, but had to send out invitations by word of mouth, rather than email, so we'd have plausible deniability if stopped by police."

29. "Having to wear a disposable apron and gloves while visiting my mother in a care home, while she was on the other side of a floor-to-ceiling Perspex wall."

30. "Scotch eggs. You couldn't drink in a pub unless you also had a 'substantial' meal."

31. "Testing of totally healthy people and making them stop work based on a questionable positive test result, when they have no symptoms, creating NHS staff shortages, cancelled operations. Things that, you know, actually kill people..."

32. "My son works in the NHS on the Covid ward and could go to the local Sainsbury's for his lunch. But when we were ill and isolating at home, he had to isolate as well – for 10 days."

33. "My eight-year-old granddaughter telling me they weren't allowed to sing Happy Birthday at school for her friend's ninth birthday."

34. "It was illegal to see your parents in their back garden, but legal to meet them in a pub garden with lots of other people."

35.  "I had to abandon my weekly choir practice – but my husband was allowed to sing as a spectator at a football match."

36. "They removed all the bins in Regent's Park and Hampstead Heath."

37. "Having a flask of tea or coffee on a walk meant it was classified as a picnic – and thus verboten."

38. "Bring your own biro to a dental appointment to fill in a form declaring you do not have Covid."

39. "My neighbour refused to hang the washing out to dry – they thought the sheets might catch Covid and infect them."

40. "My 12-year-old had to sit alone at her grandfather's funeral – her first experience of one – even though we drove there together and hugged outside. There were three officials watching us all to ensure we didn't break the rules."

41. "We could only go outdoors once a day for exercise."

42. "In pubs, wearing a mask to get from the door to the table, and the table to the toilet – but not wearing a mask while sitting down."

43. "People in a Tier 3 area walking two minutes down the road for a pint in Tier 2."

44. "In Wales, supermarkets were allowed to stay open, but the aisles containing children's clothing and books were taped off. Because buying a baby's jumper is so much more perilous than picking up a pint of milk."

45. "The pallbearers all but threw my mother's coffin in the grave and ran away. They had her down as a Covid death, but she died of cancer."

46. "The one-way systems around supermarkets that led to people being forced into parts they didn't want to be in, making them spend more time in the shop – while Covid simply circulated over the top of the shelves."

47. "Children abandoned by social services and left in the clutches of terrible parents."

48. "Police breaking into our student house and pinning my girlfriend by the neck up against the wall. I said: 'This is England – you're not allowed to do that.'"

49. "Residents of care homes forgetting who they were during the long months when family were not allowed to visit them."

50. "Dying alone. How many died alone? How many?"


its simply a drum that beats itself
hes a sorry figure sat there shaking his head
while the twatt opposite prancies and poses, a trained assasin if ever there was one


I always thought our elected Government ran the country - not the MSM  !


there are a million jokes about what 'thought' did Alex
when i were a lad....
men almost all bought a daily paper for a variety of reasons, but i wonder what % buys them today.
then you listen to the TV interviewers rudely interupting the PM before he can answer the previous question, especially if he is not giving the answer they want.... i cant remember tHATCHER being treated so, not even Tony Blurr, they act like that because they are allowed to, Boris or anyone else should simply stand up and leave when interupted, why dont they????? :wtf:


That's why I have no time for the likes of Beth Rigby, Kay Burley and Laura Kuenssberg.  They all do it, interrupt before the interviewee has had time to answer.  As you say, they didn't do it to Thatcher or Blair.


When I was in a shopping mall I was walking along when I spotted a shop opposite that I needed to visit.. I crossed the floor of the Mall.. Making sure it was clear to do so..
A prat who's job it was to keep to the rules approached me and told me to follow the arrows.. Arrows that went along the length of the mall to the exit.. I  was then expected to go out of the exit doors .... then in through the entrance doors picking up the arrows on the side of the Mall where my shop was..  :nooo:
Don't ask me.. I know nuffink..


The virus avoids the marked walkways. Well known.

Just as the only place you can get infected in supermarkets is near the checkouts. This is why they are marked with  floor stickers 2m apart. Airborne virus particles drop to the floor 1.99m away from the mouth of anybody breathes them out. The big mystery is how any gets past those pound shop masks.

Keep up with the science.

Michael Rolls

the inconsistencies, contradictions and downright bloody stupidity of the regulations are breath taking. OTH - picture of Boris on the front of the paper quoting 'nobody told me the gathering broke the rules'. Well, as imposer on chief, why would he need to be told? If he can't work it out, why should anyone else be expected to?
Thank you for the days, the days you gave me
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All this constant unrelenting fuss over "when is a meeting of Downing St staff a party" is too stupid for words & IMO is a ploy by Remainers to get rid of Boris who had the cheek to promise the majority Leave voters that he'd deliver Brexit & then have the audacity to actually deliver it.
Make every day count, each day is precious.
"Death leaves a heartache no one can heal, love leaves a memory no one can steal".  (Cassandra)
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He will be ok..
Just hope nothing serious happens to the Queen otherwise Boris will get the blame.. :):):)
Don't ask me.. I know nuffink..