Could the royals be on the verge of breaking up ??

Started by alfred, January 19, 2022, 02:54:01 PM

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It seems in recent times that harry and megan wont be afforded the luxury of police protection if and when they arrive in the U.K

now what with Andrew not being able to keep his zip, zipped up as the U.S.A. are trying to extradite him to the U.S to pursue him in their quest  trying to put him on trial , for his indiscretions,

today it appears that even Eugene and Beatrice  Andrews daughters wont get police protection   either because one of them had been accused of spending too much money it seems that Charles has put his foot down ,

all the while  the queen sadly in her twilight years, has to face all this , so has the royal family has begun to infight amongst itself,     or is it that the royal gravy train has had its day ,

or are now we into royal politics, instead of governmental politics,  either way its lets keep an eye on the news,

as this seems to becoming the best soap opera on the box, as millions await the out come,?

Q; what thoughts have you regarding the royal in fighting , could the U.K at some future point in time end up with a president instead of a royal ,.


If we end up with a president instead of a royal it will mean an end to all the royal scandals.

Of course it will usher in the new days of presidential scandals instead.

I think on the whole I prefer an a-political head of state. Of course we may well wonder why we have a head of state at all when we also have a head of government. It's all way over my pay grade. Probably more in the purview of Lew Grade (if he is still around and hasn't been disgraced).


I hope we keep the monarchy, just slimmed down as Charles has said he'd do.
William will make a good king with Queen Katherine, hopefully their kids won't grow up brats, so perhaps King George will carry it on, I don't see why not.  Unless of course by the time George is ready to be king, we are no longer a white Christian country, in which case there could be problems   :cool: :cool: :cool:

Wandering Walter

Beatrice and Eugenie Close Protection Officers were taken away back in 2011 because they were not working Royals and not likely to be , only the Senior Royals have full time Close Protection Officers , other Royals such as Princess Anne when performing Duties on behalf of the Queen are Protected   


I hope we continue to have a Royal Family..
I just think there are far too many of them..
Charles will sort this out .. His plan is to make changes along theses lines..
Many use their position to gain financially..
Fergie.. Andrew.. Harry.. Megan.. the list is endless..

There should only be ten , at the most, on that balcony.. It's cracks are beginning to show....
Don't ask me.. I know nuffink..


It's cracks are beginning to show....

Bugger. Something else I'll have to pay for  :sad:

Wandering Walter

The House of Parliament are going to cost at least £12 Billion [1080]


Guy Fawkes had the right idea about that place. IMO.  :downvote:  :yell: