Rejoin March Today

Started by Alex, September 23, 2023, 10:07:37 PM

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I don't think as many people turned up as they expected, but looking at the internet photos the organisers used old clips as Big Ben was shown with scaffolding in place.

I never did like this woman !

Here's another daft bat !


I recognise Braveheart one but can't put a name to her. I probably couldn't even without the eye shadow excess. I'm  not good with celebrities. I can name Holly Willoughby because of all the recent exposure with Schofield.

Remainers struggled to respond when asked what they missed about the European Union. Thousands of pro-EU protesters took to the streets in the capital London today demanding the UK rejoin the European bloc. During the march, Ben Leo, a programme editor for Dan Wootton Tonight on GB News, interviewed a number of the activists.

One woman, who was wearing a yellow curly wig and a shirt emblazoned with the EU flag, suggested that the economies of other EU member states have "recovered a lot better than we have".

The interviewer pointed out: "Germany is in recession though, and we are not, so how is that true?"

The embarrassed activist struggled to refute this point, simply saying: "Um, I'm not an economist."

In another encounter, a protester was asked what he missed about the European Union.

The man hesitated for a number of seconds before simply responding: "I like the EU."



Indeed! Dunno who the bloke is though.
Its not how old you are, but how you are old. 💖



Quote from: GrannyMac on September 23, 2023, 11:11:16 PMIndeed! Dunno who the bloke is though.
I assume that's some random tosser on the march. Possibly the economist in drag or maybe the indecisive bloke.


This, like just about every other 'march', is simply young (or not so young) pretendies, who like to think they can all put the world to right (as they see it) if they simply dress up appropriately and do a lot of shouting.

I think they'd probably help the country a little more if they went out to find some regular work.
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Does this mean that those minor celebs will be banned from working for the non-partisan BBC (cough, splutter 🤣🤣) for expressing a personal political stance?


Quote from: JBR on September 24, 2023, 10:43:46 AMI think they'd probably help the country a little more if they went out to find some regular work.
Most of them are too old to work. Insurance you know.


If we did rejoin I think it would be very different, we would have very little or no say on how things were done.


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