What a shocker. Who could have predicted this?

Started by klondike, July 07, 2023, 09:13:23 AM

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Well apart from anybody with half a brain that is.

Sunak 'leading Tories to catastrophe' as bombshell poll forecasts total election wipeout

Sunak 'leading Tories to catastrophe' as bombshell poll forecasts total election wipeout
EXCLUSIVE: The latest tracker poll by Techne UK makes grim reading for Rishi Sunak with some Tory MPs questioning whether he can cling on as Prime Minister.

Rishi Sunak has been accused by Conservative MPs of "leading the party to catastrophe" as the latest Techne UK weekly tracker poll has given Labour a 21 point lead.

It means that almost all the gains made in the polls since Mr Sunak took over from Liz Truss have been lost and his party is, according to electoral Calculus, on course to win less than 100 seats for the first time in their 345 year history.

The findings from a survey of 1,632 voters put Labour on 47 points with the Tories on a mere 26 percent.

If this was the result of an election Sir Keir Starmer would enter Downing Street with a 328 seat majority while the Tories would be virtually wiped out on just 89 seats.

The poll also put the Lib Dems on 10 percent (down one), Reform UK unchanged on 6 percent and the Greens also unchanged on 5 percent.


It's certainly what I expect  to see. Of course a huge Labour majority spells disaster. Maybe we'll see a somebody else given a chance after that. Or maybe not.

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They have nobody to blame but themselves, they have given it all away to labour on a plate who I am sure will do far worse.

I don't blame them for Covid and lockdown, can't see that labour would have done any better really, I can forgive them for breaking the covid rules after all they were working together during it all.  

It's all the infighting and back stabbing instead of getting on with the job.  Failing to get really tough and tackle the boats, illegals put into hotels free for them at the expense of the British tax payer who are struggling to make ends meet.  Huge amount of legal immigration with total disregard of how we are going to cope with housing, healthcare, schools etc. which impacts the poorest people and areas most.  Failure to fight Woke ideology that threatens our children.

They just don't seem to have any plans that actually work for the British people. Labour won't either and as for the Lib Dems, Greens, SNP etc. don't even go there.  Our only hope is a new party like Reform, but with our first past the post they won't make it, the main parties have proved they are not on the same wavelength as the British people and offer no policies that will work, they have got to go, but don't hold your breath we will have years of the same if not worse now from the Labour party.  God help us all as they won't.



The last one in seems to be taking all the blame..
However, they have been a disaster since Covid...
They lied about partygate.. and some were caught on camera (mocking).. 
When the truth started to reveal itself they even pointed the finger at each other.. Only to find that those doing the pointing were also breaking ( their) rules..  The bare faced arrogance bought them down.. 
They only have themselves to blame..
I don't remember any drinking or Jiving when I attended any staff meetings..
There might have been a bit of Hank Panky in the broom cupboard where no one could see ...  
But this is the age of CAMERAS.. They were so arrogant and stupid .. and cared less.
They don't deserve to be in power.. IMHO.
Don't ask me.. I know nuffink..


They probably want it all to be someone else's problem. After all they still get paid, keep all their perks, and can sit back and blame someone else.


I assume you are saying that since Brexit there is no convenient bogeyman to blame for all our ills. That's true enough but I reckon that those of us who voted for Brexit sort of hoped that our own government wouldn't be as good at making a horlix of everything as the EU bureaucrats. Sadly it seems that they are even better at it.

I was amused to read that Tusk is trying to re-enter Polish home politics on a platform of stopping mass muslim inward migration  :yay:



He's changed his tune , there'll be a place in hell for him too then  ! 


If Boris was still PM the Tories would have won the next General Election quite comfortably.

It's as I predicted, the ethnic Indian PM has done most of the damage to the Tories because millions of us former 'True Blue' Tories won't vote for an Indian-led party.
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Quote from: klondike on July 07, 2023, 06:14:09 PMI assume you are saying that since Brexit there is no convenient bogeyman to blame for all our ills.
I wasn't saying that. I think  I mean that the present government and its predecessors have created problems such as the national debt and immigration, to which they have no solution and no plan, they just kick it around until someone else tales over. If they finish up in opposition they still get paid, but they can now blame whoever forms the new government.


Ah t'was ever thus. 

I think this lot will be getting such a drubbing that many of them will be looking for careers outside of politics. Large numbers will have no option but to do so. Things are looking so bad I think we will be seeing history. the annihilation of a political party that has lasted best part of 200 years. IMO a richly deserved demise.



I reckon it's getting too late for anything to save them.

Just about everything is buggered. I really can't think of anything at all that is going well and no quick fixes for anything either.


Stopping the boats and putting a hold on legal immigration would be the biggest PR coup, don't ya think ?

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