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Started by Alex, May 13, 2023, 07:36:35 PM

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I was going to insert an ' a' but thought better of it.  On a couple of radio stations they have a plonker of the week, shall we do the same  ?  :clap:  It can be anyone, someone we all know obviously, I mean Scrumpy cannot nominate Sharon from her Co-op  :cool:

My nomination for this Saturday is The Archbishop of Canterbury, bless his cotton socks....

Sorry I meant Tracy 😀


Presumably on his performance in the Lords. 

I didn't watch the Coronation but something I went to on the Sunday between acts was showing bits from it and it looked to me like the silly sod thought the crown had to be screwed onto Charlie boys head. If that had been Henry the VIII I reckon he'd have been more careful.


It looked lob sided !  :smiley:
Yes, the HOL no idea why a clergyman should be in there anyway...


I'd support your choice 100% Alex.  
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He doesn't seen keen on going to see the boss...


I got annoyed at him earlier in the week but for a different reason. When Charles was the Prince of Wales he was always in bother for daring to have you an opinion on things going on in Westminster, he was told to butt out often.  :nooo:
This guy was going on loudly about the plans to remove the illegals and I was waiting for the backlash Charles would have got if he had said half of what this guy did.
IF, Charles has to keep out and concentrate only on Royal matters then this guy should be told to keep his nose out and his mouth away from the media, concentrate on religion only. In other words mind his own blasted business.  :angry:


I know loads of twits.. Lineker is up there.. 
Great post.. I am waiting for a twit to go into action.. I don't think I will have to wait long..
Don't ask me.. I know nuffink..


I wonder if our definition of Twit is the same people.  :hmm: I bet it isn't.  :evil:


A TWIT down here is someone who does or says something bloody stupid..
You could call them a Prat.. but the posh word is Twit.
Don't ask me.. I know nuffink..


OK I was going to put Twat of the Week  :grin:

Michael Rolls

Welby isn't a twit - he's a self-seeking, sanctimonious idiot
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Quote from: Scrumpy on May 14, 2023, 12:30:02 PMA TWIT down here is someone who does or says something bloody stupid..
You could call them a Prat.. but the posh word is Twit.

I would call him a Nyaff. 😁


An excellent idea for an ongoing thread, and an excellent choice for the initial subject.

Personally, I'd have used the phrase 'wally of the week', particularly for this wally.  That word suggests even more of an incompetent and wishy-washy person.
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Plonker of the week would be Welby, rsoul of the week would be Piers and Jeremy Hunt of the week would be the Donald.

Twit does not do them justice.
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Agree, Welby a first class idiot and plutonium grade nutter.

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