Just how buggered is the NHS?

Started by klondike, March 12, 2023, 06:51:37 AM

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Ukrainian Refugees Go Back to Ukraine for Medical Treatment to Avoid NHS

When Maria Chaplia contracted a nasty skin infection last year, she quickly learned the NHS was going to make her wait months for treatment. So she hopped on a flight back to her native Ukraine, where she was immediately treated in a health care system that is much better than the creaking NHS, she writes in the Telegraph.

After countless futile attempts to get through to the NHS to be seen by a dermatologist, I was told that it would be months before I would be given an appointment.

So far, so familiar, you might think. But if you have read and struggled to believe stories about Ukrainians living in the UK returning to their native country for medical treatment, let me tell you that I am one of them. Having given up on the NHS, I flew to Poland and crossed the border. Later that day, amid air raid sirens, I visited a hospital. By the evening, I had the relevant medicines to get me back on the mend.

After living in the U.K. for over two years, I can see that Ukrainians are spoiled in terms of access to healthcare compared to Britons, despite the billions that are lavished on the NHS. Growing up in a small town in western Ukraine – to which it is still possible to return despite the fighting in the east – I never had to wait more than two days to be seen by a specialist doctor.

When you fall unwell in Ukraine, you are usually advised to get seen by a doctor right away. Within a day or two, you have different tests done, such as a lung X-ray and blood sampling, and then you are prescribed treatment. The doctor would usually give you their phone number so that you can text or call them to discuss your progress. Following recovery, the doctor would normally recommend having blood tests again to make sure that the illness is completely gone. On the NHS, by contrast, ibuprofen seems to be the panacea to all of life's ills.

Full story : https://dailysceptic.org/2023/03/11/ukrainian-refugees-go-back-to-ukraine-for-medical-treatment-to-avoid-nhs/

So it seems that a country at war for the last year with regualar missile attacks demolishing apartment buildings, children's play areas and putting the lights out offers a better public health service that us. More shit that needs sorting. Why oh why do we meekly put up with this and every few years put the same load of chancers or some who are probably worse in charge?


More to the point is wtf are these people doing over here if it's safe to return the the Ukraine for medical treatment.

They're taking the piss.
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The NHS was buggered before Covid, now they just have an excuse.
The problem with being retired is that you never get a day off


Refugees..  Happy to take the help that we give them.. Because they are desperate..
Desperate. !  I think not...
Don't ask me.. I know nuffink..


We the British people are being taken for fools, our NHS doesn't work, nothing works properly, it takes a Ukranian "refugee" to prove the point.

We fill this country with foreigners, which makes more strain on the NHS, housing, schools etc. but we are told there is plenty to go round, yes plenty of nothing.  But you can't blame it all on immigrants, we have had the most incompetent, lying governments of both parties over the years, they waste our money they are not fit for purpose, unless we get people in who can manage the economy and spend the money where it is needed, not waste it on invaders, and are not scared to overall the NHS we will land up a third world basket case if we are not one already.

Regrading the "refugees" we are being taken for bloody idiots and we know it, why don't the likes of Linaker?


This is unbelievable !  not the fact our NHS is broken, but the fact a Ukrainian "refugee" finds it so easy to go back home for medical treatment.   :rolleyes: I bet she is not the only one doing this.


I'm learning Ukrainian just in case I'm ill...


Brits would probably have to pay for treatment there


I think the future of our healthcare system, whatever that should turn out to be, must be along the lines of what happens in other Western countries: private healthcare supported by insurance and subsidised by national support where necessary.

Above all, this country (including its healthcare service) must be made unattractive to those who manage to enter the country for nefarious purposes, especially if they enter illegally.
Admittedly, America is not the finest example.  Most Americans are obliged to take out health insurance and the poorest who cannot do this, it appears, receive distinctly second rate services.
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I've been paying all my working life and would likely get better treatment at the vets. Imo the NHS is a busted flush and has been for quite a while.


Quote from: klondike on March 12, 2023, 05:42:57 PMI've been paying all my working life and would likely get better treatment at the vets. Imo the NHS is a busted flush and has been for quite a while.
I agree, and I have found that the vet is becoming ever more expensive too.
(Yes, I know what you meant!)
A missionary from Yorkshire to the primitive people of Lancashire