The destruction of British Literature.

Started by Cassandra, February 20, 2023, 04:41:23 PM

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The latest today by bum-brains from the loony left. This time the low level socialists revelling in the 'ordinariness' of their so called 'degrees' have the effrontery to try and re-write the great Roald Dahl's works for children.

Damn them to hell, every last one, wretched pygmies. Its time the world of common sense rose to it's feet to wipe them from their perches. These 'paracleats of woke virtue' need returning to whatever bin of rotting garbage they were spilt from.
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Get off the fence, say what you really think.

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Don't ask me.. I know nuffink..


I will seek out all the second hand original books for any children in my family, they can read Enid Blyton golliwogs and all and Roald Dahl in his own words.  When my eldest granddaughter was young and watching all the rubbish for children, we gave her a set of Carry on Films, she loved them, much better than CBBE's political correct rubbish.

What are these people doing to our children? we should be fighting back.


There are so many violent video games out there which children have access to, they should make a start there and leave children's authors alone.  Woke Nazis will be burning books next !  :evil:


Right there Alex, seem's violence, guns etc. are OK  but they go into a hissy fizz if some non woke words are used.


In one of the books the word 'fat' has been replaced by 'enormous', to make it acceptable.

Is it now safe to say to a woman that she's got an an enormous arse?  :grin:
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Give it a try Phil.  See how it goes.  :grin:  :bandaged:

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Quote from: Diasi on February 21, 2023, 08:02:47 AMIn one of the books the word 'fat' has been replaced by 'enormous', to make it acceptable.

Is it now safe to say to a woman that she's got an an enormous arse?  :grin:
Was it ever?
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:grin:  i wonder what Nic would say they were....

I still have some Enid Blyton books from my childhood. My kids read them when they were small, and some of the terms in general use then we don't use now.  But I don't think they should be changed.  Although I agreed with the change of title of an Agatha Christie book.  I don't think anyone would use the N word now unless they meant to be offensive.
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I recall Struwwelpeter from my childhood. Currently still for sale on Amazon. Maybe that will fall victim next.

The Long Red Legged Scissor Man cutting off the thumbs of those who sucked them along with many other merry tales of what happens to naughy children

The Inky Boys

As he had often done before,
The woolly-headed black-a-moor
One nice fine summer's day went out
To see the shops and walk about;
And as he found it hot, poor fellow,
He took with him his green umbrella.
Then Edward, little noisy wag,
Ran out and laugh'd, and wav'd his flag;
And William came in jacket trim
And brought his wooden hoop with him;
And Arthur, too, snatch'd up his toys
And join'd the other naughty boys;
So, one and all set up a roar
And laugh'd and hooted more and more,
And kept on singing, - only think! -
"Oh! Blacky, you're as black as ink."

Now tall Agrippa lived close by, -
So tall, he almost touch'd the sky;
He had a mighty inkstand too,
In which a great goose-feather grew;
He call'd out in an angry tone:
"Boys, leave the black-a-moor alone!
For if he tries with all his might,
He cannot change from black to white."
But ah! they did not mind a bit
What great Agrippa said of it;
But went on laughing, as before,
And hooting at the black-a-moor.

Then great Agrippa foams with rage,
Look at him on this very page!
He seizes Arthur, seizes Ned,
Takes William by his little head;
And they may scream and kick and call,
Into the ink he dips them all;
Into the inkstand, one, two, three,
Till they are black, as black can be;
Turn over now and you shall see.

See, there they are, and there they run!
The black-a-moor enjoys the fun.
They have been made as black as crows,
Quite black all over, eyes and nose,
And legs, and arms, and heads, and toes,
And trowsers, pinafores, and toys, -
The silly little inky boys!
Because they set up such a roar,
And teas'd the harmless black-a-moor.


I hadn't come across the Inky boys before!   :upvote:
Its not how old you are, but how you are old. 💖