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Started by alfred, January 06, 2022, 09:24:34 AM

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Waking up this morning and looking out of the bedroom window then seeing a light frost covering the cars i thought thank goodness for the slow cooker. perfect for very cold icy weather ,

so yesterday my wife cooked diced braising steak with vegetables' and even shop bought dumplings, in other words a stew, and it did go down very well,

the beauty of these appliances are that as most people know, is that they  use very little electricity,  i think the amount used is equivalent to that of a light bulb,

so to save money on rising bills will the slow cooker be used more often as energy prices rise ......................................just a thought,

Q; do you have a slow cooker if so what other meals do you use it for,


Oddly enough mine is on right now.  A beef casserole. It will make several meals so some will get frozen.

On electric use mine always gets run at high power as that seems to work out best with that one. Being a geeky sort I just put it on a plug in power meter and it seems to just run constantly with no thermostat that I could detect. On high it takes 160w so more than a lightbulb but still not greatly over a unit of electricity to cook several meals.


I have a Morphy Richards slow cooker.. I don't use it much.. I prefer a casserole in the oven.. the smell is nicer and the oven warms the kitchen..
Don't ask me.. I know nuffink..


Alfred's braising steak sounds good  :upvote:.  I used my oven for the first time in ages when my gang came round for dinner at New Year.  The Combi Microwave gets more use as it's only me to cook for, and it does everything my big oven does.
Note to self - add braising steak to shopping list  :smiley:


Yes I have two, one here and one at my own house. I have a recipe book for slow cookers and it has hundreds in it. I often try a new one. Favourites are,
Sweet n Sour. pork or chicken.
Beef n Onion.
Curry. beef or chicken.
Roll of Pork cooked in Cider.


Feather blade steak with a mountain of root veggies, perfect for a slow cooker and relatively cheap.
The problem with being retired is that you never get a day off


I use a slow cooker but think I will do beef, onions, potato chunks and carrots in a pan on top of the stove tomorrow.  I'll make dumplings and add them for the last 20 minutes.  Last time I did it, Paul said it was lovely and we certainly have the weather for it at the moment.

Wandering Walter

Had a Slower Cooker for years lost of use this time of year left over veg cheap cuts of meat all thrown in job done, we use it more at this time of year especially when both of us were working full time