Wee Bit of Help.......please.

Started by Raven, August 30, 2022, 12:40:17 PM

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I love the Gothic/Fantasy Art and I love one in particular called "Ravens" I would like to find some more of this artist's work BUT, I simply can't make out the signature as it's too scribblie for me. :cry:
Can any of you make it out?

The Raven.jpg


Google brings up quite a few Gothic art retailers.  Maybe contact some of them?  Good luck!


First name looks like a G to me, Ganda ? Dahlip  :grin:


I didn't do that. I printed the signature and took it down the chemist's.


Don't ask me.. I know nuffink..


 :grin:  :grin:  :grin:  If the chemist can't read it then nobody can !


Great Got Her, :upvote: thank you all, especially you Ashy. I have now got an image page of lots of her work. I recognised quite a few but would never have linked them to the Raven ones. :yay: 


We live in a time when intelligent people are silenced so that stupid people won't be offended


What surprised me is he hardly looked at it. He wrote something on the back, I've got to find a doctor now to read it to me.