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Started by Alex, August 09, 2022, 12:30:08 PM

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I'm a big fan of Nigel and I enjoy his show on GB News.  What's puzzling me is he's come out and stated that, after the FBI raided Trump's home, there is a witch hunt against the President.  Why has he not acknowledged the witch hunt against Boris  ?  :waiting:  Come on Nige.....


If you've watched his show regularly you should know by now that he is no Boris fan.

I suspect that he considers that Boris owes his election win to the Brexit issue and the Brexit Party too in no small measure yet Boris is very lax on inward migration controls and virtually nothing has been done to take advantage of our having left.

Add to that the lies over no border in the Irish Sea and donating our fisheries to the bloody French and I'm not over surprised he's no fan. I'm not either.


Yes Boris made many mistakes, but it was still a witch hunt, on going in fact.



He has, on his GB news programme, stating Harriet Harperson is the wrong person to lead it and that Conservative MP's should refuse to serve on her 'hanging panel'.

In a Court of Law all jurors (as we have covered before) have to be 'approved' taking into consideration their backgrounds and known opinions.

The basic question at reason here in law is a formative issue and known as 'mens rea' (the mental element of a person's intention to commit a crime; or knowledge that one's action would cause a crime to be committed.).

The Parliamentary Privileges Committee is attempting to establish as to wether the PM 'deliberately mis-led the house. Trouble is their pathetic way of establishing this 'tenet' is of course scrambled by the bias of politics. I can't think of a more 'unbalanced' adjudicator then 'Harperson' any way. Virtually a Marxist, proven misandrist, and all in Boris-hater.

I was once a fan of Boris, but sadly his flaws especially around veracity have reversed my feelings about him, as a Prime Minister. A great loss of ability to the Nation. His pending trial is by nothing more than an Kangeroo adjudicator led by an embittered and biased man-hater...

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Yes Cassandra it is a kangaroo court with Harriet Harperson, she has already made up her mind about Boris.
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It would be better if they chose someone from outside parliament. A magistrate perhaps.


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