If Scotland Got Independence

Started by hugh, August 03, 2022, 12:08:35 PM

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Scotland got Independence just how would the border be controlled and at what cost to the tax payer. Many Scottish people live and work in England, has Nicola given any thought to them, and would any them been allowed a vote in a referendum ?????
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We don't know that the border would be controlled. I see no reason to control it.


We could get boarder farce to dump the dinghy boys in Scotland, Nicola want's to re-populate Scotland.
Sorry Raven ands other Scottish people, I don't know who else she intends to re-populate with?


Some of the dinghists are enjoying the four star luxury around Scotland already.


Quote from: Ashy on August 03, 2022, 12:30:17 PMWe don't know that the border would be controlled. I see no reason to control it.
If no controls just what is the point in a referendum. They already raise their own taxes and do what ever they like with money received. If their intention is to rejoin the EU controls will have to be put in place. I know Scotland hate having a Conservative Prime Minister but Scotland controlled by the SNP with very little input from Westminster I understand.
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I see no reason why England should concern itself with any border control whatever Scotland decides. If they want something new then they are the ones who need to organise, pay for and police the change. If they join the EU (they can't rejoin as Scotland was never a member) then it is up to Scotland and the EU to worry bout border issues. I doubt that England or the English care unless we start seeing loads of EU riffraff arriving here in which case a minefield should sort it.

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Here's a promising income feed for Sturgeon. Whilst we wimpishly remain emeshed within the EU's sargasso sea of jobsworths and rules, evermore exposing more of our bared backsides to the ECHR and EU. Things are fast developing elsewhere. The ECHR denies Rwanda as an alternative to the hard pressed English, some would say very cleverly.

Every year say 70,000 plus inward asylum seeker's need accommodation. England is getting pretty full as France empties out. For example present Hotel stock is clearly nearly exhausted by sustaining these worthy souls and population density is presently 277 per sq kilometer. Scotland's is merely 64, one quarter by comparison.

We could print off the doughty Sturgeon some poons to build inmate entry camps as well as some new 'bargain basement' motels. She'd gain safe easy income in the process. A win win, for the trip the light fantastic Nicola as well. There would be a ready made work force to soak up all that expansion she's planning to sustain the future benefits a'coming the way of the Brave New Tartan world

And it doesn't stop there, oh no, she'd gain goodie two shoes points from Brussels for creating this seemingly limitless stream of loop the loop lolly. France (EU) supplies immigrants whilst in parallel emptying their shores of them. Then 'Hey presto', Scotland (EU) cops lot of lovely bawbee from their joint forever enemy England. As a side feature they both get to watch 'over the fence'  this neighbourly suicidal spectacle as it develops!

Such genius could influence an in/out decision to favourably regarding her European entry. Every cloud has a silver lining :wink:
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The EU care not about controlling any borders..
Blimey we would have illegal immigrants invading from all angles..
Don't ask me.. I know nuffink..


Quote from: Scrumpy on August 03, 2022, 06:29:18 PMBlimey we would have illegal immigrants invading from all angles..
Don't go giving them ideas  :nooo:

It's good to moan.